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Trailer: 'Pokémon Sun' and 'Moon'

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Nintendo has released a trailer for the previously announced Pokémon Sun and Moon pair of games, the latest generation of Pokémon games. The games are set for a November release, commemorating the 20th anniversary of the franchise. The trailer, like the one for last generation (X and Y), features the three new "starter"; a Grass-type owl, a Fire-type cat and a Water-type seal. The trailer also includes two as yet unnamed legendary Pokémon that, perhaps disappointingly, aren't winged unicorns.

Of the three new Pokémon, Litten, the fire type cat, seems to be the most popular with furries so far; it's already racked up 67 tagged pieces on (NSFW, so you can do your own research to verify), compared to Rowlet's 25 and Popplio's 24.


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Have to say, I'm with the e621 crowd here; so far, leaning towards the cat (and the real cat on my lap ... doesn't seem to give a shit, actually; cats, am I right?), though I'm usually a grass type starter guy with a few dalliances with fire starters. Rowlet is definitely second choice; easily could see it getting awesome as it evolves while Litten gets lame.

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Honestly I'm leaning towards the water-type seal. The other two just look too similar to other pokemon we've seen before, I mean their evolved forms could change my mind on this but from their initial forms I'm not too excited.

As always, I choose my starter by how much I like the aesthetic of their final form; no, I am not a serious pokemon contender :)

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I know this won't be a pleasant comment for Pokémon fans, but Pokémon games still look like shit on 3D Nintendo portable hardware. The 3DS resolution competes with PC standards of the 90s. As a major studio production it's not nice to look at in 2016.

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I remember when Giajin Goomba said this game was going to take place in Japan based on the sun and moon lores in japan and to compete against "Yo-Yo".

Looks more like Hawaii aesthetic to me, and the lore of the sun and moon would fit just as well there as Japan (I mean, they're celestial bodies everyone could see in the sky, all cultures are going to have lores around them).

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Yeah, yeah it looks all pretty but...

1) We don't need new pokemon species. There are plenty that have unused potential.
2) It's a game named after pokemon and we seem to see more humans than pokemon in the trailer.
3) All signs indicate that the gameplay is exactly the same as when the first one came out two decades ago!
4) WTF kind of stupid cartographers and biologists make the maps and study pokemon in that world? No idea there is a whole developed region over there? Maybe if they get out the lab and study something instead of delegating their work to children they would have found all the pokemon by now.

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It's amusing to see a Pokémon furry that almost hates new Pokémon games xP

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I like the concept, not the games. I mean there's nothing wrong with the games it's just that they are all the same. The only changes are minor in terms of graphics or tossing out some side feature. The core game is exactly the same. It also bugs me that it is so linear and doesn't take advantage of the pokemon! I want them to do more stuff like Poken Tournament and Mystery Dungeon. Basically I stopped playing half-way through Black and there's been no motivation to try anything since then.

"If all mankind minus one, were of one opinion, and only one person were of the contrary opinion, mankind would be no more justified in silencing that one person, than he, if he had the power, would be justified in silencing mankind."
~John Stuart Mill~

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I completely agree, although I got tired of the formula much earlier.

I think the most under-utilised feature is the Pokedex. Ever since the original games, I've wanted to learn more about Pokemon, their behaviour and abilities, but every generation of Pokedex give us the same two sentences that tell us almost nothing.

My solution would be to have scientists around each region give the player quests that involve researching or conserving local wild Pokemon. By completing these quests, the player could help the scientists discover new information about Pokemon that could then go straight into the player's Pokedex. It would make the Pokedex much more interactive and it would greatly improve world-building.

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"Pokémon Sun and Moon" may already be obsolete. BBC News reports that the newer “Pokémon Go” is a “monster success”.

Fred Patten

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This doesn't seem worth its own post yet, but Variety has just announced a live-action Pokémon theatrical feature, "Detective Pikachu", to be produced by Legendary and distributed in the U.S. by Universal, to start production next year.

Fred Patten

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