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Newsbytes archive for May to December 2016

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Due to Earthfurst and Dronon having to reconstruct these Newsbytes from Twitter, Facebook and the Wayback Machine, the formatting may have been changed from the original links. Hopefully everyone has been attributed correctly! A few URLs have been replaced because the original ones stopped working.

Contributors during this period include Acton, aquariusotter, Ahmar Wolf, crossaffliction, dronon, earthfurst, Fred, GreenReaper, Greyflank, Huskyteer, InkyCrow, Kakurady, Patch Packrat, Rakuen Growlithe, RingtailedFox, Snow The Fennec Fox, Sonious and TyphonDog.

May 2016

crossaffliction: Sorry about your luck, Ratchet & Clank.

crossaffliction: Will they have better luck in a Death Battle?

crossaffliction: And speaking of fuzzy battles to the death, Watership Down mini-series won't be as brutal as the movie.

RingtailedFox: Fire department called to Avon, Colorado apartment building to scare off a black bear raiding a scared apartment owner's fridge inside!

GreenReaper: Fur Affinity gets a mention as 'coached' teen leaves home to travel with 30-year-old fur.

RingtailedFox: Don't worry, she's been found safe and sound in Ohio

crossaffliction: Chinese ripoff of Toy Story decides it might have more luck as a Zootopia ripoff instead.

GreenReaper: Only in Kenya: recycled dung produces seven reams of paper per elephant-month.

crossaffliction: No, doggie, that is not fine; you're on fire.

Fred: Kill all the tanuki -- in Sweden!

GreenReaper: Fur-Eh gets a Q&A in the Edmonton Journal.

dronon: Trying to sell a house with a real estate agent, a homeowner dons a panda suit.

GreenReaper: Print-on-demand provider Redbubble sued over Pokemon-related products.

crossaffliction: The Sly Cooper movie may have never existed; less likely than ever to exist now.

crossaffliction: Interviewer asks Fursonas director important question: "What did you think of Zootopia?"

crossaffliction: Disney gets out of the figurine video game arena.

Huskyteer: Denmark has an island named Fur, and it's made of cat litter.

dronon: Penguins not fond of opera.

RingtailedFox: Biggest lion airlift in history saves 33 lions

dronon: Hey everyone, it's time to go fill out the 2016 furry survey!

dronon: Which Pokémon is the most Canadian?

dronon: Fursuit/claw machine prank.

RingtailedFox: Suncor Pilot Saves Fort McMurray Pets

dronon: Mascot fur Life trailer (read the notes).

Fred: Peacocks run riot in English town.

Fred: Red crabs invade Orange County beaches.

Fred: Shark follows victim into hospital.

Fred: Dog fights rattlesnake to save 7-year-old girl.

dronon: The Abominable Charles Christopher webcomic is alive again!

RingtailedFox: There's been an update to an article we brought you earlier this month of a suspect in a 'hedgehog onesie' trying to bomb a TV station.

Huskyteer: Giro d'Italia's wolf mascot banned from France.

Fred: How to feed a 184-year-old tortoise.

Fred: Egyptian man-eating crocodiles released in Florida swamps.

Fred: Pros and cons of "cute" animal cafes, especially hedgehogs.

Rakuen Growlithe: Upcoming documentary to air in the UK will focus on puppyplay

dronon: So, three mayors walk into the Pittsburgh Westin elevator...

RingtailedFox: Two lions killed to save suicidal man in Santiago, Chile zoo

RingtailedFox: Otters: cute and playful.. until they HUNGER! Also, poor monkey... :P

GreenReaper: Everyday Feminism outlines furry fandom in comic format.

GreenReaper: Voice of Scrooge McDuck dies at 96. [tip: tigerman]

GreenReaper: Fur Affinity's troubles land on Vice's 'Motherboard'.

dronon: Tom Woodruff (Aliens, Jumanji) talks about working as a creature performer.

GreenReaper: Colombia's Bogota Post introduces local English-speaking workers and tourists to the furry community.

InkyCrow: Rabbit and snake cook up food (and a scheme) in the new animated short, Chaud Lapin

Fred: The bright blue lobsters.

Patch Packrat: List of Furry News sources on Twitter. Know any more?

GreenReaper: Teddy bears get a permanent home in North Yorkshire, joining 65 dolls' houses.

InkyCrow: Sing gets an expanded trailer

Rakuen Growlithe: Legend, a post-apocalyptic animal comic.

Fred: It's the law: donkeys have to wear diapers.

RingtailedFox: Family rips up floorboards to save orphaned baby skunks

dronon: The fandom has lost JBadger, after a long fight with cancer (1960-2016).

RingtailedFox: Bear caught on camera by WXMI-TV News Crew in Grand Rapids

Patch Packrat: Weasyl just went open source.

June 2016

Fred: "Have you seen the 3-legged coyote or the person responsible?"

dronon: Image is planning a comic called Isola, which has a human stuck in the form of a tiger.

Snow The Fennec Fox: Poor Nick Wilde from Zootopia. Falling apart into pieces of Lego destroyed by a kid.

GreenReaper: Double Doge: Oxford researchers propose multiple instances of canine domestication in Europe and Asia.

GreenReaper: UC Davis xenotransplantation researchers work to construct pig-human chimeras, despite fear of creating furries.

Fred: Wild elephants in Denmark. Wild cheetahs in North America.

GreenReaper: Yooka-Laylee E3 trailer shows progress of spiritual successor to Banjo-Kazooie.

earthfurst: Disney announced that on Sunday (June 5) Zootopia crossed the $1 billion mark in global box office.

earthfurst: Support dog Blue & his human Owen are new workers at a Lowe's in Regina. June 7 announcement on FB has 29k likes.

earthfurst: Until June 13, official NBA LGBT shirts available. Proceeds benefit @GLSEN. 1 for each team including animal logos: wolf (Minnesota Timberwolves), bear (Memphis Grizzlies), deer (Milwaukee Bucks) and bull (Chicago Bulls).

GreenReaper: Road rage and run-down wildlife prompt South African national parks to crack down on big-game-sighting apps.

GreenReaper: The monkey who caused a nationwide blackout... and survived.

GreenReaper: Seagull mimics prior furry experiments in modifying colour, smell after falling into curry.

GreenReaper: "Don't underestimate the power of imagination!" - Inverse gets philosophical about furry cybersex.

Fred: Cat café to open in Los Angeles.

Fred: And there's been a dog café in L.A. since April.

TyphonDog: Kangaroo and Pig Share Intimate Relationship

GreenReaper: Supreme Court of Canada deems 'peanut butter trick' legal; penetration an "essential element" of bestiality.

Fred: People "helping" wildlife babies again.

Fred: Bear wandering about Los Angeles suburbs.

Patch Packrat: Fur lost in Pulse nightclub shooting, and thoughts of national tragedies that touch the fandom.

GreenReaper: Report of furry fan dying at Pulse nightclub debunked.

InkyCrow: Dave Sim offers his collected works of Cerebus the Aardvark for digital purchase... or free if short on cash.

Sonious: Furries who attended BLFC 2015 - Resort reports data breach - Details here

Patch Packrat: The "fur died at Pulse" claim was a hoax for attention, and here's what the troll did.

GreenReaper: Man-eating lions sentenced to life imprisonment.

RingtailedFox: Last known September 11th Rescue Dog passed away on June 6. Wow.. has it been fifteen years ALREADY???

GreenReaper: The Onion's Peter Rosenthal reviews Finding Dory as a critique of society's care for the mentally ill.

Fred: The "jolly, happy boy" wombat is dead.

dronon: Canadian Smite players: There is a new skin for Chiron, "Constable Moosejaw".

Fred: Got a 15+-foot snake in your attic? Bingo! Rat control solution.

Fred: Rise of border fences hampers wildlife movements.

Fred: The rise of European pet-friendly hotels.

dronon: Fursuit safely! Teen gets stuck inside Barney the Dinosaur head.

Fred: Horde of giant spider crabs invades Melbourne.

Fred: Has the "Rio" blue macaw returned to Brazil?

Fred: Sweepee Rambo is the world's ugliest dog.

Fred: A non-alcoholic wine for cats.

Fred: More on the 2016 world's ugliest dog.

GreenReaper: Sperm whale clans have acoustic culture 'uncoupled from natural selection'.

InkyCrow: A father possum reads his children a dark bedtime story in the new animated short Accidents, Blunders and Calamities.

RingtailedFox: Upstate New York wolf lets out very lazy howl! Is Wolf O'Donnell just depressed for being cut from Smash Bros? :P

July 2016

RingtailedFox: Kitten in Taiwan escapes enclosure, to play with neighbouring puppy in Taiwanese pet store

Greyflank: Furry Writer Bill Kieffer talks Furry & Horror

dronon: The International Anthropomorphic Research Project has made a 5-year compilation of their data on Furry Fandom available as a PDF book, Fur Science!

dronon: SBS (Australia) has a write-up and video about their local furry fandom.

Patch Packrat: San Francisco Bay Area: Furry Community Responds To Possible Closing Of The Stud, Their Monthly Gathering Place

Greyflank: SHAZAM! THP announces next Furry Anthology, open submissions.

Fred: Icelandic roads painted to protect terns.

InkyCrow: Jackie Chan joins the cast of The Nut Job 2 as a Kung-Fu mouse. (A brief plot summary of the upcoming movie is also touched on in this article)

Fred: Burt the psychic crocodile.

Greyflank: Fred Patten, the GodFather of Furry Fandom is interviewed

dronon: BBC trailer for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio.

Fred: Australian eagle tries to carry off 8-year-old child.

Fred: Lioness herding sheep in Dagestan.

Fred: Ho-hum. Another cougar loose in Los Angeles.

Huskyteer: Drones to unleash vaccine-laced M&Ms in bid to save endangered ferrets

Fred: Vaquitas are almost extinct.

earthfurst: U-18Chan announced a "catastrophic failure at our datacenter" & are trying to recover any data they can.

GreenReaper: Nectar-eating finches, bird-like lemurs, and 'invisible' geckos - the BBC investigates island biodiversity.

dronon: An article about Charles Waterton (1782-1865).

dronon: A revamped Gaming Furever posts a trailer for The First Tree, under development. (YouTube link)

dronon: The Spanish animated film Psiconautas looks... cartoony and dark.

Fred: Psiconautas was announced here last year.

dronon: A movie adaptation of Mouse Guard is in its early planning stages.

dronon: An early review of Sausage Party.

Sonious: Foxy platformer in which one manipulates seasons to progress

dronon: If you're in the mood for a sillier game, there's Animelee.

InkyCrow: What's that smell? Warner Bros. has a Pepe Le Pew movie in development.

InkyCrow: Watch a preview of the new Rocket & Groot animated shorts in development from Marvel/Passion Pictures

dronon: Adam Savage goes incognito to Comic-Con 2016 as a 7' tall bear.

Fred: Wild seal takes nap in public toilet.

Fred: Chinese pro-cat bloggers save museum strays.

Fred: Girl killed by stone-throwing elephant.

dronon: A French remake of Beauty and the Beast will have a limited US theatrical release on Sept. 23.

dronon: Scientists find only one true wolf species in North America (Sorry Paradox)

August 2016

Huskyteer: Nationwide hunt for owner of plushie found on motorway hard shoulder.

dronon: Informative fursuits comic by Grey White (site may be NSFW).

dronon: Furcadia update!

RingtailedFox: Bear car-surfs on top of a garbage truck in search for a snack! DO NOT EVER TRY THIS!

RingtailedFox: Bear family escapes un-BEAR-able heat at Lake Tahoe beach

dronon: The Kimba mascot for the Saitama Seibu Lions baseball team.

dronon: The snowboarding horse game you never asked for.

Fred: How did a bear cross the freeway?

InkyCrow: Can't wait for the sequel? The Nut Job will be touring as a live stage presentation.

dronon: A film coming to Netflix in October: Mascots.

Patch Packrat: ^ Dronon reminded me to ask Netflix for movie publicity, I wrote about it last year.

Fred: Smarter than the average koala?

earthfurst: New advert with Kia Soul hamsters in an impromptu music gathering playing music of various cultures. #ShareSomeSoul

Fred: Reggie the L.A. alligator to get girl friend.

Ahmar Wolf: My interview with Kiba Wolf

Ahmar Wolf: My interview with our fandom's own Fred Patten

Ahmar Wolf: Let's not leave out Quention Long of Anthro magazine

Fred: Tomorrow (Aug. 13) is Fur-Ever Friend Day in Los Angeles (well, its suburb of Encino).

Fred: Riding in a car with a horse.

dronon: Rocko's Modern Life will be making a return in a TV special.

Rakuen Growlithe: Keep up to date with animal terrorist attacks.

Greyflank: 2015 Cóyotl Awards Winners Announced!

Fred: The top secret tortoise sanctuary.

Fred: Trying to make cars rat-proof.

Fred: Famous tigress dies.

Fred: "They're fat like a water rat and furry all over!"

dronon: Video: The Natural World, by EZ Wolf.

dronon: Gumball goes anime.

dronon: The South African furs have started a newsletter!

Acton: Gene Armstrong dispels myths about furries

dronon: Online article: The secret furry patrons keeping indie artists afloat.

InkyCrow: Don't lose your temper, but an Angry Birds Movie sequel is being planned out.

dronon: Build-a-bear Pokemon Eevee plush.

Fred: Stealing 500 cows in New Zealand.

Sonious: SoFurry still down after planned weekend maintenance, unforeseen snags. No new ETA for site coming back online

Fred: Parents name babies after Pokémon-Go characters.

September 2016

Fred: The crocodiles stuck in legal limbo.

dronon: Trailer for the Korean film Lost in the Moonlight accused of looking like Spirited Away.

dronon: Ranger Rick gets a new design.

Fred: Good news for pandas; bad for gorillas.

Acton: Cruising the Crunchy catalog: Ringing Bell

dronon: Soon on DVD (Oct 3, 2016): All 3 seasons of The Animals of Farthing Wood (PAL, all-region).

Fred: Why donkeys are popular in China.

dronon: A short article about Margaret Atwood's Angel Catbird.

GreenReaper: The Onion's 'Film Standard' highlights the untold tragedy in upcoming bio-drama Sully.

aquariusotter: Kanye West's 80s-inspired music video Fade (partially NSFW), features Teyana Taylor and a feline surprise at the very end.

Fred: Giraffes: not one, but four.

Fred: Are dormice vulnerable to extinction?

Fred: Painting eyes on cow's butts to keep lionesses from attacking them from behind.

dronon: At a limited number of theaters on Sept. 24, two short sequels to A Town Called Panic.

dronon: Adam Ruins Everything - Why going outside is bad for cats.

RingtailedFox: Today is International Red Panda Day!

Fred: Is the Bactrian deer extinct or not?

dronon: Late 2015 Russian film, Он - дракон - Anyone know more about it?

Sonious: Controversial Breitbart contributor Milo Yiannoloplis has 'fursona' drawn by DreamKeepers comic artists; parody accts, Twitter bans ensue.

RingtailedFox: Reward doubles to $USD 20,000 for capture of suspect involved in fatally shooting endangered sea-otters.

RingtailedFox: According to CKCO-DT and the Huffington Post, a deer smashed through the window of a Tim Horton's in Kitchener, Ontario.

Ahmar Wolf: Furry Times interview with Kjartan Arnorsson

dronon: Ig Nobel prize awarded for studying the effect of wearing pants on rat sex life.

Rakuen Growlithe: Botswana is home to some gender confused lions.

Fred: Horses can communicate with humans.

dronon: Check out Aberguine's Furries in the Media YouTube videos!

RingtailedFox: The Bovine Revolution has begun! An Australian cow takes out a helicopter!

dronon: Thatch & Dial, Episode 1!

dronon: New from Sanguine, Urban Jungle, an anthro/noir RPG.

Fred: Who stole the penguin?

dronon: First, The Jungle Book; next, a live-action/CGI Lion King.

Kakurady: Kotaku's @cecianasta reports on Furcadia's newest largest update since 1996, "The Second Dreaming".

RingtailedFox: Driver attacked by deer they hit in New Jersey - I guess Bambi's learned what road rage is!

October 2016

Fred: New Zealand's plan to save the kiwi.

Ahmar Wolf: Thais Tatu Japa, a young woman from Brazil, created this amazing furry version of Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody

Ahmar Wolf: Furry anime short, "Fire Fighter" (Oedo Hikeshi Zue, mild homosexual content)

Fred: New Zealand's war on stoats, rats, possums, ferrets, weasels, mice, and hedgehogs.

dronon: An essay on costuming and cosplaying.

dronon: The Tab: A day in the life of a furry.

GreenReaper: Indian teen has 20 cm tail surgically removed.

dronon: The 2016 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards.

dronon: Sign up for the next FurScience fandom survey project!

GreenReaper: The lion who follows his owner everywhere.

dronon: A history of dog-headed men.

dronon: Woman wears a tail for a week, learns nothing.

dronon: New Disney animated film released in Spain: Ozzy.

dronon: Gizmodo article links to early fandom Bambioid video. (mildly NSFW)

Kakurady: The National Mascot Hall of Fame breaks ground in Whiting, 20 miles from Chicago. Several mascots attended event.

Kakurady: Russia 2018 World Cup mascot Zabivaka the wolf unveiled in Moscow

dronon: Animated version of the wolf mascot

dronon: The Last Guardian game is allegedly close to a release.

GreenReaper: Furry researchers launch two-part online study on fantasy and the furry fandom. (link no longer active)

dronon: Meanwhile in Turkey, the animated film Bad Cat. (NSFW trailer)

November 2016

dronon: Cher Ami appears to be a Belgian animated film with three stories of animals during WWI?

dronon: British TV personality tries fursuiting.

dronon: What if your novelty singing fish could talk?

dronon: Hermaphrodites with orientation problems.

TyphonDog: British Christmas commercial features animals on a trampoline

Ahmar Wolf: The furry series that aired in England, Mongrels

earthfurst: A petition asks #Netflix to pick up #crowdfunded Swat Kats as a series.

dronon: Canadian bears get down. (BBC, Planet Earth II)

GreenReaper: Did Disney's 1991 Beauty and the Beast promote acceptance of bears?

dronon: Fox Animation plans to develop a movie, The Dam Keeper.

dronon: After many years of game development, Owlboy has finally been released.

dronon: Legend: Defend the Grounds is a post-apocalypse comic with ex-domestic pets.

dronon: Not in the mood for turkey? Foxes recommend chicken!

InkyCrow: Metallica gets furry (and disturbing) with new music video Here Comes Revenge

dronon: Writers! Sparf is doing a podcast called Independent Claws.

dronon: Coyote and badger hunting together.

December 2016

Fred: Kill the mountain lion or "save" it?

dronon: Just Like You is FurScience's anti-stigma campaign, posting videos every Thursday in December. Check them out and please pass on the links!

Ahmar Wolf: An interview with Grrrwolf

Greyflank: Check out this little stinker: I was a Teenage Wereskunk!

Fred: Mountain lion, mother of three cubs, killed by traffic while crossing freeway.

dronon: On Steam Early Access, Niche, a genetics survival game.

dronon: Four degrees of anthropomorphism.

dronon: The 1st month of sales of Kyell Gold's The Time He Desires will go to the ACLU.

InkyCrow: Wes Anderson shares details of his next furry-themed, stop-motion feature Isle of Dogs

dronon: Recently on Dinosaur Comics

GreenReaper: The Black Rabbit has come for Watership Down author Richard Adams.

dronon: A whole bunch of animated films in 2017 that we can discuss

Fred: Mountain lions killed in California during 2016 by being hit by cars: 107.

dronon: A retrospective interview with K.A. Applegate about writing the Animorphs book series.



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