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Furry fans celebrate Zootopia's Oscar victory

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Ritwell's Zootopia Oscar picture
Art by Ritwells - Click Image for link to tweet
One year ago, Zootopia, a story about anthropomorphic animals in a modern setting dealing with the issue of prejudices in society, hit theaters. It was the most highly anticipated film for furries in the last decade, some having even rented out theaters for personal furry gatherings. In the days following Flayrah had a reviewing bonanza in which multiple prominent article writers gave their own reviews of the piece.

Heck, the Fur Affinity banner changed to a Zootopia theme when the movie came out and hasn’t changed since.

But on February 27th, the love for the film was continued to be shown well beyond the borders of furry fandom, as the academy elected it to receive the Oscar for Best Animated feature. It beat out nominees Moana, My Life as a Zucchini, The Red Turtle, and the one that most had thought could take it away from Disney, Kubo and the Two Strings.

The Oscar joins a growing accumulation of awards that the film has received, including a Golden Globe for Best Animated Motion Picture, six Annie Award including Best Animated Feature, and of course the AARP Movies for Grownups Award for best film for grownups who refuse to grow up (Oh wait, no it wasn't that was Kubo! *shakes fist* Aw well, can't win them all). An exhaustively long list can be found on its IMDb page here.

The film is currently also seen as the most likely to achieve the Best Anthropomorphic Motion Picture award of the fandom’s upcoming Ursa Major Awards, despite there being a slew of options from 2016. Some of its strongest competition comes from Kung Fu Panda 3, The Secret Life of Pets, and of course its old rival Kubo and the Two Strings.

Furry fandom has celebrated this victory with pictures of Judy and Nick in dapper dress holding the famed golden statue trophy; the expressions of joy and triumph in their eyes as the hold their award rivaling that of their human counterparts upon the stage. And in the end, as Zootopia continues to be rewarded for its triumph, furries are more hopeful for a future where anthropomorphism in media picks up pace as competitors try and emulate the success of the film. They also hold hope that people interested in Zootopia-like worlds pay a welcome visit our own as well.


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Kubo won the AARP award and perhaps I'm a little confused but the FA banner is the same as it's always been.

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Are you in Beta Mode or Classic Mode?

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Classic, guess I'll have to try it out.

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I misread the award list on the IMDB page and it was indeed nominated for the Grownups who refuse to Grow up and wasn't the winner. Article was updated to reflect this (in a way that doesn't sweep the error under the rug). Thanks for your attentiveness.

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You know what's even funnier? It now looks like the article is making a tounge in cheek reference to the blown call for the best picture...

When it was "not a joke" but an unintentional error corrected.

Oh cruel irony.

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Would it be possible to publish an online compendium of all the pictures of Nick & Judy at the Oscars ceremony?

I remember when somebody published a well-meant tribute collection of all the newspaper editorial cartoons about President Kennedy’s assassination, a few years later. It was the sort of theoretical good idea that turned out to be horribly embarrassing in practice. Of the hundreds of editorial cartoons from around the world, the book had to omit the best and most famous; Bill Mauldin’s. The book’s editor couldn’t get permission to reprint it. The cartoons that were published just showed how unimaginative most cartoonists were. There were dozens of variations of only three or four themes: the American flag at half-mast, a family grieving, weeping Uncle Sams, a heroic Jacqueline Kennedy with a black arm band, etc.

It’s still on sale: A Nation Grieved; the Kennedy Assassination in Editorial Cartoons, compiled by Raymond B. Rajski.

Hopefully a collection of Judy & Nick at the Oscars cartoons would turn out better.

Fred Patten

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The cartoons that were published just showed how unimaginative most cartoonists were. There were dozens of variations of only three or four themes: the American flag at half-mast, a family grieving, weeping Uncle Sams, a heroic Jacqueline Kennedy with a black arm band, etc.

Sounds like editorial cartoons at The Onion - Lady Liberty is weeping in literally half (though occasionally, it's tears of joy).

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It might be of interest that 'Zootopia' is currently the most popular furry movie theme on FurAffinity, Weasyl and Inkbunny, above previous top movie themes 'Lion King' and 'Bolt'. Steadily increasing since March last year.

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True… though film fans many not want to see what Nick's doing to Finnick in some of 'em.
Still a good way to go before it beats Undertale in that respect!

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Also notable are a couple of films that didn't get nominated. Some expressed surprise that Disney/Pixar film Finding Dory didn't get a nomination. Many fans of anime were outraged that Your Name, the #1 box office film in Japan in 2016, didn't get a nomination either.

It was less than two weeks ago, long after nominees were announced, that I first saw Your Name, and I'm inclined to agree that it should have gotten a nomination, and might even have been right up there with Kubo as having a shot at pulling an upset over runaway favorite Zootopia. I am pleased Zootopia won the award but color me disappointed that Your Name didn't at least get a nomination.

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Looking forward to seeing Your Name when it gets a wider release this April

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It used to be (and not so long ago) that there would be some custom animation done of the stars of each film either placed in the chair with the audience or accepting the Oscar itself. Here's an example from the 2010 ceremony showing exactly that, or similar...

How wonderful would it have been to have exclusive animation done precisely for this event from all the nominees, and especially Nick and Judy giving an acceptance speech!

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I was hoping to see something like that too. Especially if they got cheeky and did some "winner animation" that maybe involved Nick and Judy kissing -- just to play with the minds of shippers and anti-shippers alike...

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Oh yes! I can imagine that kiss getting real coverage from the entertainment news outlets.

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