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Newsbytes archive for April 2017

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Contributors this month include Ahmar Wolf, dronon, Equivamp, Fred, GreenReaper, Greyflank, InkyCrow, RingtailedFox, and Sonious.

Fred: New cougar kitten in L.A. mountains.

GreenReaper: Onion science editor Raef Gillis asks: should animals have more eyes?

RingtailedFox: Not an Aprill Fool's joke: As of April 1, 2017, it's now illegal to trap and hunt snapping turtles in Ontario; Essex County councillors are pleased with new law

GreenReaper: Indian police abduct child from her adoptive monkey family.

GreenReaper: A pooka's comic guide to being poor and homeless.

Equivamp: Volunteer for Motor City Furry Con's selected charity goes to the convention to do a presentation, without knowing what the convention was about beforehand.

dronon: Related article on the MCFC charity volunteer's experience.

GreenReaper: Dragon blood may contain key to superbug-slaying antibiotic.

Fred: Now it's a bear.

GreenReaper: Our 2016 obituary roundup has been updated with a sidebar on Silverwing, provided by @Banrai.

Equivamp: After Midwest FurFest sells entire 1,000 room Hyatt block in one minute, staff assures regular audits will be performed to prevent scalping.

GreenReaper: The bison are back in Banff.

Ahmar Wolf: MFF announced on Twitter than another block of rooms opens at 12 noon on Saturday

GreenReaper: Sonic #291 cancelled, as Archie era rolls towards conclusion.

GreenReaper: Links to comments on the second page of a story's comment thread should now work as expected.

Equivamp: The Legal Satyricon on legal IP protections for fursuits.

dronon: Trailer for The Big Bad Fox (in French)

dronon: Wikipedia's list of animals with fradulent diplomas.

Ahmar Wolf: Deo The Tasmanian Devil Interview

dronon: Only one week left to vote for the 2016 Ursa Major Awards!

Greyflank: Review of Furry/Shifter book

Sonious: Furries that use Telegram are advised to update their group setting - per Startide tweet

Equivamp: Farorenightclaw is organizing a charity drive to help the author of "The Last Unicorn".

Fred: United Airlines investigates giant bunny death

Ahmar Wolf: Interview with Sorin, The Chair of RMFC

dronon: The ConFurence Archive.

Fred: "Pawternity" leave?

InkyCrow: A 2D animated rabbit confronts the CG artist who put him out of work in Animated American

Ahmar Wolf: Perri Rhoades sums up the current controversy in the furry realm

RingtailedFox: Differing viewpoint: That may very well be the current state of the furry fandom, but I can't take that story seriously when it's riddled with inaccuracies, willful ignorance through omitting things (possibly to push an agenda or viewpoint of their own, since they refuse to do even basic journalism research on 2 the Ranting Gryphon's nazi artwork, or Foxler's rambling diatribes on twitter about how he tried to join actual neonazi works), distorting things with lies and making things up outright.

Fred: Should Scottish fold cats be banned?

Ahmar Wolf: What I really like to say is, "Get a life". Ringtailed is right. Most of what been posted here and on other sites is just to get their names out there.

dronon: Bigfoot Junior trailer (in German).

Fred: Two new mountain lions found living in Los Angeles.

Equivamp: FurBuy is seeking moderators.



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"What I really like to say is, "Get a life". Ringtailed is right. Most of what been posted here and on other sites is just to get their names out there."

-When you accidently admit you're using the Newsbytes as a work around for content syndication.

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