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Newsbytes archive for October 2017

Edited by dronon
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Contributors this month include 2cross2affliction, dronon, Equivamp, Fred, GreenReaper, InkyCrow, Rakuen Growlithe, RingtailedFox, and Sonious. (Also added an amusing link from our Twitter feed that didn't get posted here.)

dronon: Communicating with animal noises in a relationship.

Equivamp: The best non-fursuit animal costumes for Halloween.

GreenReaper: Wanted: invasive species, preying on the innocent. But was mankind an accessory to their crimes?

GreenReaper: Minneapolis furs held up as shining-if-bemusing example of Twin Cities culture by City Pages' @TiggerLunney.

GreenReaper: (Posted to the FlayrahNews Twitter account, retweeted from The Onion) Report: Only 1 in 3 preschool graduates has necessary animal sound skills upon entering zoo.

InkyCrow: Paddington 2 trailer released.

Fred: The dog with the world's longest tongue.

Fred: Migrating butterfly swarm detected on radar.

RingtailedFox: Mama bear and cubs sneak into Estes Park, Colorado pizzeria - KUSA-TV - 9News

RingtailedFox: Mama bear, two cubs break into car in Colorado - and KCNC-TV 4

InkyCrow: PBS to explore the world of foxes in its Nature series this week

Fred: Pigeon tries to seduce Australian woman.

GreenReaper: Austrian street-performers warned, company fined as animal-head costumes found to violate anti-veil laws.

2cross2affliction: Guardians of the Galaxy director speaks out against sexual coercion in Hollywood, and beyond.

RingtailedFox: Moose fights back against hunter! Bullwinkle would not comment on the situation at the time the story went to print...

Fred: New laws against children's parties that feature exotic animals.

Equivamp: Official animated music video for My Little Pony: The Movie. (Ht: EquestriaDaily)

dronon: Brigham Young University's sports mascot, Cosmo the Cougar, is a good dancer!

Fred: Extremely rare male tortoiseshell kitten.

Fred: Adelie penguins have catastrophic breeding season.

dronon: Job placement program for hard-to-adopt cats.

Fred: Mountain lion makes history!

GreenReaper: See the entrants for Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2017 (scroll across for categories, down for finalists).

Fred: "Stag selfies" are dangerous.

dronon: It's difficult to reduce the number of fake service dogs.

Fred: Wepaly the alabai.

GreenReaper: Crows are masters of manipulation… despite lacking hands.

GreenReaper: British and Dutch researchers suspect UK's tit-feeding habit led to longer beaks.

dronon: Raccoons ignore Aesop to get marshmallows.

Fred: California is first state to require pet stores to sell rescue animals.

dronon: Here's the Plan, an animated short about a couple's dreams and problems.

Fred: Killing of alpha crocodile may lead to croc battles for new alpha croc.

GreenReaper: The story of a 40,000-year-old furry sculpture.

Fred: Car modified to look like big shaggy dog.

2cross2affliction: Zoo (no, not THAT Zoo) has come to an end. "WHERE'S THE SLOTH?!"

Rakuen Growlithe: Global political pets

GreenReaper: Evidence mounts against red squirrels in millennia-old leprosy case - but were Vikings unwitting accomplices?

Rakuen Growlithe: At least 370 pets, mostly cats, murdered by British cat serial killer, still at large.

GreenReaper: Leopard, lion, giraffe, chimpanzee and some of the world's furriest bats listed as protected migratory species.

Sonious: Furs at Convention Furpocalypse leaving Sunday evening to Monday morning should be aware of adverse weather as tropical storm Phillipe merges with front.

Fred: "Death sentence" for walruses.



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