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Newsbytes archive for June 2018

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Contributors this month include 2cross2affliction, dronon, earthfurst, Fred, GreenReaper, and mwalimu.

dronon: How to Train Your Dragon 3 poster revealed.

dronon: Triggerfish studio developing a film called "Seal Team". I wonder if the French dub will be called "Groupe Phoque".

GreenReaper: The UK is debating a total ban on fur imports - but is faux fur's harm to the environment a greater evil?

dronon: Getting into trouble with a dumb ox of a driver.

2cross2affliction: Heading into the E3 game marketing blitz, there's a persistent rumor that Metroid Prime and Donkey Kong Country Returns' studio, Retro, has a Nintendo Switch Star Fox racing game, Star Fox: Grand Prix, for their next project.

dronon: Hello Pika (chu)

2cross2affliction: John Lasseter, Pixar founder and head of Pixar and Disney Animation Studios, is leaving Disney due to "misstep" with staff members revealed last November.

dronon: Killing Bites is apparently a 2018 anime series with a lot of fanservice and fights. (replacement link)

2cross2affliction: Racehorse Justify has won the Belmont Stakes, meaning he has now won the American Triple Crown of horse racing.

2cross2affliction: No word on that rumored new Star Fox game, but Fox McCloud has made an appearance at E3 already.

GreenReaper: A local freelance journalist writing for the BBC covers - or arguably, promotes - government and non-profit attempts to take tigers from Texans' warm, living hands.

2cross2affliction: *%#!, Krystal's only an Assist Trophy ... we mean enjoy the various furry fighters (including the return of Wolf) in Super Smash Bros. ... 5 ... or 6? ... Ultimate.

GreenReaper: Red squirrels placed on the UK's new "red list" - along with hedgehogs, wildcats, beavers, black rats and three types of bats.

dronon: Episodes of Bobcat Goldthwait's Misfits & Monsters will have a werewolf, a mermaid, a cartoon bear, and the Devil.

dronon: Now that the 2018 World Cup is about to start, be on the lookout for Zabivaka toys.

2cross2affliction: Hot take: the new trailer for Tim Burton's Dumbo has way too many humans.

dronon: Yaaay! Culturally F'd has reached 10,000 subscribers!

dronon: Yet another possible reboot (with scary faces) - The Raccoons.

GreenReaper: Fursuiters will be well-aware of the benefits of big eyes - but have you tried using your whiskers for pathfinding in the dark, or branch-tapping to acquire tasty tasty bugs?

dronon: Tabletop game Kickstarter: Raccoon Tycoon, by Forbidden Games.

earthfurst: Female raccoon climbs Minnesota skyscraper and becomes internet darling (#MPRraccoon). Public response includes fanart, a song & merch (example: bobblehead).

GreenReaper: Saying goodbye to Puan, the world's oldest orangutan.

mwalimu: Koko, the gorilla who mastered sign language, has died.

Fred: Rats break into Indian ATM and chew up cash worth £13,300.

dronon: The Wildbook project uses computer facial recognition on photos to identify wildlife, get population data, and fight extinction.

GreenReaper: British expats mull impact of Brexit on their dogs.

GreenReaper: World Cup inspires 'roo to get in the game.

Fred: "Hello Kitty" bullet train in Japan.

dronon: Microids is working on a Blacksad game.

GreenReaper: 420 Furs vs. 420 Humboldt martens *go*.

dronon: The newest hero for Overwatch players is a hamster.

GreenReaper: Crows replicate human ability to feed slips of paper into a box in return for food.



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Guess since I was a dirty rumor-monger last month, I better own up here that that Star Fox: Grand Prix rumor is apparently a bust.

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