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Newsbytes archive for September 2018

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Sorry if things have been a bit quiet; real life sometimes keeps us busy! Contributors in September included 2cross2affliction, dronon, earthfurst, Equivamp, Fred, GreenReaper, and Sonious, with a shout-out from JoeStrike.

dronon: Nominations are open for The Good Furry Award!

Fred: A bicyclist in hungry bear country in Canada.

dronon: Some Night in the Woods figurines are in the works.

Fred: Mystery kangaroo in Austria.

Fred: Mountain lion crashes through window into L.A. home.

Fred: The whole country loves Trevor the duck.

2cross2affliction: The FortNite Item Shop is rocking the bear suit trio of Cuddle, Fireworks and P.A.N.D.A. Team Leaders for the next 24 hours.

Fred: Three new wallaby joeys at San Diego Zoo Safari Park.

Fred: Giraffes, elephants, other animals react to South African snowfall.

dronon: An old clip art CD with furry art (and from one of the replies, may have more?)

2cross2affliction: Hey, an actual animal from Animal Crossing is going to be playable for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate; Isabelle turns over a new leaf!

2cross2affliction: Intrepid news person Cody Johnston brings us Some News on the epidemic of teleporting, radioactive boars he first alerted the world to last year for a totally different organization.

dronon: The Anthronational Film Festival, to be held at AnthroNW, is open for film and video entries!

Equivamp: Christine Knopp discusses keeping a good atmosphere when selling at conventions.

Fred: Five baby squirrels with tangled tails (a squirrel king?)

Fred: Los Angeles bans the sale of fur.

dronon: Alan Abel has passed away, a prankster who invented the Society for Indecency to Naked Animals.

JoeStrike: Happy Birthday GreenReaper! (a day late but still, congratulations!)

GreenReaper: Chip the Buffalo's T-shirt cannon mishap reminds all fursuiters of the need to ensure which way certain props are pointed before use.

Sonious: Good Samaratan sheltering animals during Hurricane Florence arrested for sheltering without permit.

Fred: Double-headed snake surprises homeowner.

Fred: A Caucasian tur escapes zoo in England.

Fred: Eleven endangered Asiatic lions killed in Gujarat, western India.

GreenReaper: Twitter seeks user feedback on proposal to outlaw "dehumanizing language" based on membership in an identifiable group, including "comparing groups to animals" and "reducing groups to their genitalia".

dronon: It's important to know the difference between goats and sheep, especially before you airlift them.

2cross2affliction: Werewolves are coming to Fortnite tomorrow!

earthfurst: The first Disney Zootopia graphic novel, Disney Zootopia: Friends to the Rescue, became available in shops on Sept 26. (page says Sept. 12, but it was delayed)

Fred: Slovenia's fight for honeybees.



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