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Announcing Good Fur News!

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The Good Fur News logo.This news has already spread in the last few days, and bears repeating here - Haven T. Fusky has started new furry website called Good Fur News! As described in their opening post:

For awhile now I've seen quite a few folks say "We need a place where people can call out the good in the fandom and not just the bad. Some place that highlights all the awesomeness that is furry". And I nodded and agreed, but nothing came.

I waited and waited and thought maybe some of the sites out there would step up and change things up a bit from the "norm" of call out culture and extreme reporting that only showed how awful people can be some times.

I personally have had the privilege of meeting some really great, talented, inspiring people through this fandom. And those people often go unrecognized or are drowned out by the more scandalous things that occur every so often. And it's truly a shame. And so that is why I created a news site where we can allow those that bring their best to be seen, heard, and remembered.

And from their About page:

Ever said to yourself or someone else: "Gee I wish there was a website where I could find all the good stuff of the furry fandom?"

Well, here we are. Good Fur News aims to focus on the positive aspects of the fandom. From artists, musicians and creators to performers, activists and more. We want to show you what we have to offer.

Good Fur News is run by Haven Fusky a fursuiter out of Portland, Oregon who is known for creating the first LGBTQ+ geek and gaming convention of Texas. However, the news is created by YOU, the fandom – through our tips page and other avenues of communication.

We want to be a resource for the various aspects of the community, and we hope you enjoy what we have to offer as we grow with you on another incredible journey through the communities, events, and people that make up this amazing fandom.

Because being good is Good Fur News.

Haven notes that "I also will not be the end-all be-all authority of 'what is good'," and "This site can and will change as we move forward to accommodate ideas old and new." - Personally, I'm excited to see how this site will grow and evolve! There are bound to be some hiccups along the way. Placing trust in people means that occasionally some people are going to try to subvert it. Regardless, I'm hoping that I'll find out about interesting people and things across our scattered fandom. (Shout-out to MomsofFurries for posting about them!)

So, what sort of thing is GFN looking for?

Have an artist that rocked your world? Is there a fursuiter that makes you smile every time you see them? Know a DJ or Musician that throws down the best beats? Is there a creator that deserves to be seen more? Well, we're looking for them here at Good Fur News! All articles on our site are generated by viewer recommendations and we need your recommendations to get going. Recommending someone to be interviewed is super easy: Just fill out our tip form at: and we'll take care of the rest!

You can follow Good Fur News on their website (where they also take Ko-fi donations), on Twitter, and on Facebook.


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Looks like Dogpatch Press has finally come to an end. In a recent post Patch O'Furr or what alias they go by tries to put a spin on recent events when it came out that they both support *** porn and is a Nazi. So despite the article saying otherwise, Dogpatch Press Owner/ Operator is facing the consequences. Having no choice to possibly end Dogpatch Press forever.

Being in public about your thoughts and feelings can get you in to a lot of trouble. I am very aware of this fact given all the C&Ds and threats of legal action that has been made towards yours truly over the years. Maybe I take more risks but it has taught me really how far can you go. But lucky for me I know my limits and I am honest with my readers.

I hate anyone who claims they are a Nazi, and that *** Porn creeps me out. Considering all the allegations made at Dogpatch Press over the years including stealing articles and commentaries from other blogs. Maybe it is just Karma catching up with Dogpatch's Owner, you never mess with karma period.

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I was going to address some of what you said but I think I should really ask, what has any of that got to do with this article?

"If all mankind minus one, were of one opinion, and only one person were of the contrary opinion, mankind would be no more justified in silencing that one person, than he, if he had the power, would be justified in silencing mankind."
~John Stuart Mill~

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Hey Ahmar, I know you really wanna show us how you fixed that article about a different furry news site, where instead of lying about not posting cub porn, you're lying that your content was stolen there, but honestly, there's not really any walking back from that first one.

Since we're being non sequitur here though, I noticed something on your site. You did an interview with somebody for relevant fandom news. That's pretty awesome. It's less awesome when you realize the interviewee is a minor and your site is in no small part comprised of the unauthorized distribution of explicit pornography. That's a little...uh, creepy, I think. But if you cleaned that up, that'd be a pretty positive step into making your site a more reputable furry news site.

Also, please consider disabling infinite scrolling from the site and instead institute some kind of pagination. There's a lot of reasons that infinite scrolling is bad for your website if you want it to be popular, easily found, and accessible, and I could get into them if you want. I think making your website better is a more likely way to get it noticed by the Ursas than, like, randomly insulting people who have very little say in what goes on their Recommended List, but that's just my layman's thoughts on it.

Anyway, I'm rambling, so I'm gonna cut myself off here, but think about it, okay?

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"*** porn"? All I can guess is that you mean cub porn assuming you are exactly replacing three letters with "*". Though, for fictional victimless porn, people shouldn't get all so offended by it. It's fiction, victimless, and doesn't even look like real children. -_-
As for "nazi", I'm not sure if you're talking about "nazi fur" or "nazi".

Regardless, I hate anyone who supports ruining someone's own life like this, ESPECIALLY if part or whole of the reason was over something that doesn't involve a victim or more. And if society was forgiving toward people who's done mistakes, it would probably encourage certain people to admit a mistake or more than one, and avoid doing them again. Lot's of people probably keep secrets because our society in general sucks at believing in justice.

My two cents I guess.
BTW, I'm not sure why this comment is here, but if I made something similar, it likely might be because this article reminded me of another furry focused website.

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Log into your account DM

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What so you can cause some effect to the some useless ratings system?
Also why do you keep assuming certain comments are from me? Is it because of the word "legal" and/or because some things being a bit similar to my thoughts?

Remember, assumption like that ain't healthy. ;) I guess that's one criticism you didn't take.

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So that I don't have to see your comments or get an email about them

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So by you not seeing it, you're talking about hiding my comments from your own viewing while logged in? Emails can be turned off.

Oh and I'm not logging in. Don't like seeing my comments so bad? Then either ignore it, or don't come here to the website then.

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Diamond Man, we literally have a function called "Ignore User", but it only works on logged on accounts, so if you don't log in, Equivamp literally can't ignore you.

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Yeah maybe, but he can still ignore me by choice whenever he sees my comment.

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I'm amazed simply stating a simple fact gets down voted, and something that pretends it's not Equivamp's fault for choosing to comment gets up voted.
Regardless, you can't censor reality. XD

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Actually I might be reading the comment as "Can't ignore = choosing the comment", if the comment is talking about the mere act of seeing it, then that kinda makes more sense. But still, the person can chose to ignore it.
Sorry if I mistaken the comment.

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You can't pick both, you have to pick one or the other: do you want me to stop being a dangerous propagandist who's defaming you and ruining your life and pointing out whenever you pretend to be someone else, or do you want me to have to be continually subjected to your comments so that you feel important or whatever reason you continue to come back here?

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Wait, did you just tell me not to come here? I fucking live here?

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Your behavior show why sometimes it's justified to pretend to be a fictional person.
To avoid discrimination, fallacy, and/or other bad shit.
NOTE: This isn't saying the original post on this mini thread is me.

Here's your choices:
You have the choice to behave and not start shit with me. If you do continue, don't much blame me for calling you out, and maybe even edit that ED article you have to show your asshole behavior.
Also, stop harassing me.

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Harassing you?!

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Every time there is a non-diamondman comment with even a slight similar opinion and/or maybe even saying the word "legal" in some ways, you likely keep commenting claiming it's me.
And recently, you go in and demand I log into my account because you don't like seeing my comments and/or getting emails about one or more likely.

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The Diamond Man doth protest too much, methinks.

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The Equivamp doth comments too much, methinks.

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To be fair, that one wasn't bad.

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Toward my comment? I'm just making sure. XD

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Pure butthurt

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Why is all of this being discussed on an article about a website that is about good stuff?
Do furries REALLY have to ruin everything?

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Yes. Yes, we do.

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Furries always ruin everything, even unrelated hobbies and fandoms.
You could say they are elephants in the room, but they don't typically resemble elephants.

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I do think such a thing is necessary and certainly I do wish them well on that endeavor. I think talking about the good in the community and showing appreciation, particularly while those individuals are still alive, would encourage people to try and emulate that good behavior instead of good behavior just being some sort of expectation.

Obviously while I do think a goal for myself would be to write more "good" stories, especially during the quite times when major fallout issues are not occurring, I'd never do such exclusively. There are those that would take advantage of ignorance of how bad situations can occur. Talking about how things can be better, sometimes by highlighting when things go bad and how they got that way, can ensure the frequency of good stories can increase.

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I don't think I've ever agreed with you more on anything you've ever said, on both points (I do agree with you more often than I let on, it's just, well, when there's nothing to disagree with or complain about, not much else to add, don't jinx it, silence is golden and all that.)

A few years back, my best friend in the fandom (and quite possibly best friend, period) was killed in a brutal "accident" (that's what the do-nothing, dick-all excuse of law enforcement in her tiny-ass Texas town concluded, while the rest of us know it was both gross, reckless negligence and in a sense, a kind of hit and run because the perpetrator fled the state soon after.) She never got a Flayrah article like a lot of deceased furries. She got a Wikifur page she probably didn't have before the incident, a now-deleted thread on FAF, a Tumblr page, also since deleted, and a blurb on r/furry that I guess you could probably still find if you Google it. There was a short, hastily put together YouTube tribute to her I think barely anyone saw, and aside from that, all that remains that I know of is the brief article in her local newspaper and whatever FA submissions and journals, and it's probably just a matter of time before all that's gone too.

I've spent almost every day since then wishing I'd appreciated her more when she was here, and about the same amount of time wondering how the hell I'm ever going to make it up to her. Or even just pay her a proper tribute. It seems insurmountable. None of these things seem to do her justice, and I still don't know if I got what it takes to do better than anyone else who's tried.

Do you think it'd be too late to try to do something here? I know I keep going back and forth on whether to bite the bullet and make a proper account here but shit, I gotta start somewhere, right? I mean if it'd make these fucking CAPTCHAs go away that alone might be worth it.

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I'm sorry for your loss. As Rakuen notes, it is far more common for those to be lost by the car parked next door than a terrorist in a dessert.

I'm guessing you are talking about RedSavage, then unfortunately it was true that the Wikifur page was not created prior to their death based on the page's creation history.

This was the first time I heard of this loss and its circumstances, my apologies for not having covered it, nor having appreciating their art during their lifetime. But thank you for sharing that.

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I don't think anyone here would begrudge it if you made a belated memorial post about your friend.

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I agree that we shouldn't ignore the bad issues but I guess the problem is that news reports (mainstream and in the fandom) are completely out of touch with what is happening. That is an issue because they set a sort of agenda and determine what people talk about. But if people read the news, they can wind up with a distorted picture of reality.

For example, terrorism is a big issue in the US. Fear of terrorist attacks results in all sorts of policies, it's a major political debate, forms plot lines in movies and series but it's also a bit of a non-issue. A book I was reading says terrorism has, on average, killed ~10 people per year in the US since 2001. That was compared to 40 000 by traffic accidents and some other causes (with numbers only given globally) that don't get nearly the same attention. Most politicians trying to be president will have something to say about terrorism but few, if any, will have anything to say about traffic accidents.

Similarly, there is a lot of news coverage of plane crashes but no coverage at all of the thousands of flights that land safely every single day. So, if people read the news, the information they get is thousands of times out of proportion. Depending on the person and the topic, that disproportion can really warp people's views of the world and society.

"If all mankind minus one, were of one opinion, and only one person were of the contrary opinion, mankind would be no more justified in silencing that one person, than he, if he had the power, would be justified in silencing mankind."
~John Stuart Mill~

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News actually does report car accidents resulting in fatalities, and also when people die. It's called obituaries.

But most people typically don't read that section unless someone they know is in it because if a person focused on every death, they'd never live.

And when people complain about what the news is focusing on they only focus on the what the news they are focusing on is focusing on. So in essence it's an involuntary symbiotic loop, and one that can only be broken if one chooses to.

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So this is dead, I guess.

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Maybe there wasn't as much good in the fandom as they thought?

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They started a twitch channel at about the same time, and while that channel was furry news focused at first, as sort of an extension of his new news service. It eventually went the way of game streaming and so that seems to be what they are doing at this time.

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FWIW, that site hasn't been updated since February.
I guess it will fade away as soon as its hosting package expires, or when the owner deletes the site- whichever comes frist.

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Haven is great. Last I asked about it, he was sick, and I guess never got back to it.

It's refreshing to see ones with good intentions like Haven. There's lots of people who say "I hate the way ___ news sites do it." The louder they are, the more likely "bias" is their favorite thought-terminating cliche. Usually they just want to backseat drive and get things catered to them for free, but they have no clue what work it takes. Occasionally one tries starting their own as a spite thing and it lasts a week or two. That's always funny. The only ones that last have to come from really being into it.

Your rating: None

Will monitor it then. Thanks for your uhm, insightful input

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