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Newsbytes archive for January 2019

Edited by dronon
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Contributors this month include 2cross2affliction, BlindWolf8, dronon, earthfurst, Equivamp, GreenReaper, mwalimu, Rakuen Growlithe, and Sonious.

BlindWolf8: Philadelphia - A man is recovering after being impaled on a deer statue on Eakins Oval.

GreenReaper: Furries have filled Twitter with anthropomorphic versions of its logo under the #TweetFur hashtag, after @fluffysmolcloud noticed it was forbidden in their July 2017 brand guidelines.

2cross2affliction: Have a postive take from a non-furry on SonicFox.

Rakuen Growlithe: Go birding in Red Dead Redemption 2.

GreenReaper: Latest mystery steel sculpture in Scotland's Stonehaven Bay depicts triumph of crustaceans over pitiful humans.

dronon: A furry convention offers lessons in safe sex. [Tip: Paradox @ FurCast]

dronon: Elder Scrolls Online releases teaser for their Elsweyr expansion.

GreenReaper: Remember teaching your pet to steal from shops in Nethack? Someone figured out how to make it work with Amazon.

Sonious: Just when you thought they were gone forever, Neopets may be coming back to your mobile phone.

2cross2affliction: Celebrity great white shark Deep Blue (almost, but not quite, as big as the fictional Jaws and almost as old) makes a surprise appearance in Hawaii.

mwalimu: Here's a very impressive Japanese fursuit video produced by Studio 643.

earthfurst: Awkward Paws webcomic is celebrating its 10th anniversary with a fanart contest, with prizes (1st place $150, 2nd place $75, and 3rd place $50). Deadline February 15. #furryart

Equivamp: Furry media archive VCL has gone offline; @adjspecies hopes to preserve it.

dronon: Shanghai Disneyland intends to build Zootopia expansion.

dronon: This new site looks promising - Good Fur News! (Also @GoodFurNews on Twitter)

dronon: In development for the PS4 and PS VR: Falcon Age. [tip: Cody]

dronon: City's otter mascot in Japan gets a roguish rival.

dronon: Anthrocon 2019 hotel reservations will open on Friday, Feb. 1st.

dronon: The evolutionary shape of a bird's beak isn't as closely tied to feeding habits as previously thought.

dronon: It's possible to adopt dogs from Chernobyl.

dronon: The animated film previously under development as Beast of Burden is coming out under a new title, Mosley.

Sonious: Tarpaw furmeets indicates that, pending internal discussion, future events are being put on hold.

dronon: It's a good idea to check your logs occasionally.

GreenReaper: New Oklahoma City convention AnthroExpo deferred to 2020, after ditching key official and capital supporter who "[decided to] involve themselves in probable misconduct with minors".

GreenReaper: Poison-laden dones used to fight invasive rats, with goal of allowing lava gulls to return at a far lower cost than use of helicopters or manpower.

dronon: Police issue warning about Bethesda's dragon.



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