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Newsbytes archive for February 2020

Edited by dronon
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Contributors this month include 2cross2affliction, dronon, GreenReaper, Rakuen Growlithe, and Sonious.

GreenReaper: What is the sound of one seal clapping? Pretty loud, as it turns out - and now, we get to see it, too.

2cross2affliction: A YouTuber covers the troubled creation of a classic for furries Star Fox Adventures.

GreenReaper: Penguin vocalisations have been found to follow the same 'laws' as human speech on brevity for frequently-used words, and shorter syllables for longer words, in an apparent first for non-primate language research.

Rakuen Growlithe: Artists beware: Wacom tablets track every application that you open on your PC.

GreenReaper: Crash Bandicoot is coming to mobile - because honestly, a game where you spend most of your time running and jumping on a rail makes a lot of sense there.

GreenReaper: The badger and coyote can be friends: one digs and drags and flushes out, the other runs and wags and *pounce*.

GreenReaper: Jasper and Jinx to Tom and Jerry: a brief history of the classic cat-and-mouse duo - born from the minds of animators Bill Hanna and Joe Barbera - from the original 1940s shorts to today's Flash equivalents.

2cross2affliction: Cats cast members Rebel Wilson and James Corden explain the importance of visual effects while presenting for the Oscars. (The Lion King didn't win, either.) [Link only works for IP addresses in the U.S.]

GreenReaper: A squabble over crumbs between mice who may never see the sun wins over online voters for the Natural History Museum's popular wildlife photography award; a mother jaguar and her cub makes the runners-up list.

GreenReaper: Over a hundred Australian species are feared to be closer to extinction, after an estimated billion animals died in the flames - in many cases taking their habitats with it.

GreenReaper: Murrsuiters to feature on Valentine's Day episode of Extreme Love on We TV, a show where viewers can "peek into the lives of others while watching and judging their choices".

GreenReaper: How do you tell if a fursuiter is overheating? Opalescent temperature-sensitive fur.

dronon: Neopets may be considered for an animated series. [tip: Arrkay]

dronon: A teaser trailer for Riverdance - The Animated Adventure. [tip: Tempe O'Kun]

GreenReaper: Malmö denizen @NymNion reflects after being forced to cut his NordicFuzzCon stream short; staff apparently saw his Twitch chat filled with hate and meme-spam from what one follower called 'edgy boys' (not helped by clips on r/LivestreamFail).

GreenReaper: Adventurous Maine Coon kitten runs with the dogs on Yorkshire's peaks and dales.

dronon: Promotional video for Animal Crossing: New Horizons Direct.

Sonious: FurAffinity down for most February 20th and will continue to be offline into Friday due do a DDoS attack.

2cross2affliction: An independent animated Irish film about a family of foxes, Outfoxed!, may be getting distribution in Europe.

GreenReaper: For red squirrels, the enemy of their enemy turns out to be the pine marten - to the detriment of the greys.

GreenReaper: "Furries 4 Bernie" campaign soaks attention of the more politically-active furs, who North California PBS/NPR affiliate KQED claim "largely embrace progressive causes".

GreenReaper: What wah are you? Forget "African or European?" - the new choice is Chinese or Himalayan. (You can probably guess which is more red.)



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