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Digging up Positivity - Furry charity and good news - May 2020

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Hello and welcome to May’s episode of digging up positivity. This month we have a couple of literal diggers! Online events, animation and our featurette is the guy behind that big event you saw where I was floating in mid-air, playing connect-four with the little ones in the Sophia Childresn Hospital in Rotterdam.

Furry Weekend At Home

Many conventions decided to go online this year. One of them was Furry Weekend At Home. Besides an awesome experience where more than 14,000 furs tuned in from 57 countries, they managed to raise $13,827 dollars for the Animal Park at the Conservator Center!

Furality Online Xperience

The virtual reality Furry Con Furality Online Experience had 2,692 registered attendees and raised a whopping $8,646.93 dollars for the SaveAFox Rescue during a whole weekend of VRchat fun!

Furs For Life - Virus Relief

Furs For Life have managed to raise well over $4,600 for the Corona Virus Relief fund during streams from several big names like WolfPup and Majira Strawberry. As this is an ongoing campaign, the amount is still going up as of the
recording of this video!

Virtual Confuzzled

UK’s biggest convention moved online with their convention. They had various streams and a virtual dealers den. The streams were well watched where they tackled the current situation with typical Brittish humor, and the virtual dealers den pointed to all the locations of merchants who would normally attend Confuzzled.

Their charity was Secret World Wildlife Rescue.

NHS Fundraiser

Speaking of charity in the UK. Last month we have covered Captain Tom Moore. But the story did not end there! By now he has raised almost 33 million pounds (that is a whopping 40 million dollars) for the UK National Health Service. And on top of this all, he is getting knighted by the Queen! A true honor well deserved good Sir!

Baby Elephant

In Artis, the Amsterdam zoo, a little baby elephant was born, and he could finally go outside! The little elephant (well, little? He is 130kilo (which is 286 pound), anyways, he is still nameless, but he is doing quite fine. Mom is keeping a close eye on him, not allowing him stray off for more than several meters.

The Ballad of Steve the Escaping Meerkat

Most of us are now familiar with that feeling of having to stay in between four walls. Those walls almost look like they are closing in onto you, and you just want to break out. Steve, a meerkat from Jimmyu’s Farm & Wildlife Park had pretty much the same idea.

Much to the dismay of his caretakers. Every time they find a new way to prevent him from escaping the premises, he finds another way to escape. At this moment the enclosure cannot request new building materials, only essentials. So the caretakers have to improvise a bit. For now, they have won all rounds.

But who knows what Steve will think of next?

Little Diggers

Perhaps Steve was inspired as a little meerkat like these kids by their hero! This excavator drove by, and helped them by filling up their little toy cars, giving them a memory that will last forever. And may I mention the mad skills this driver has?

We Bare Bears Movie trailer

A fan favorite: We Bare Bears, are getting their own movie! Cartoon Network announced that on June 8th you’ll be able to enjoy the antics of our 3 friends on the not so big screen on various streaming platforms. The movie follows our 3 friends as they are on the run by the menacing Agent Trout from National Wildlife Control, who wants to restore the ‘natural order’ by separating them forever. Chased from their home, they decide to try to find refuge in Canada!

Popeye Returns!

In 2016 we were pleasantly surprised with an animation preview of Popeye, made by no other than Genndy Tartakovsky, known for childhood favorites like Dexters’ Laboratory, Samurai Jack, and Star Wars: Clone Wars.

Unfortunately due to some internal struggles with Sony, the animation got shelved in favor of the much less enthusiastically received Emoji Movie. However, we have good news! Genndy has confirmed that he is back into the game with Popeye, teaming up with King Features. I’ll be watching out for more news about this one!


All over the world, various countries are in different stages in slowly easing up in the current situation. While life as we thought to be normal, is still far from reach, a lot of people are trying their best to open up their businesses, often in close collaboration with their local government and health-experts. One of these is the most well known theme-park from the Netherlands: De Efteling.

Last weekend they opened their doors. You can only get in with a valid appointment, this way the theme-park can run on the lowered capacity. Everything is slightly different. You even have to park leaving an empty spot between the cars! Several fans made Youtube videos about their experience with the new order of things. And so far, everybody seems content. The future will about the outcome. The themepark itself and the RIVM (the Dutch version of the CDC) are monitoring the situation closely.

Izu Shabonten Zoo

Meanwhile in Japan, at the Izu Shabonten Zoo (sorry if I butcher the name, I am just a mere kat), they have to deal with a crowded restaurant. But in order to comply with the social distancing rules, they’ve filled up the seats that can’t be used with Capybara plushies. A cute way to make you comply with the rules!

Corona Proof Hugging

Others decided to come up with their own ingenious solution. Here we can see how you can hug while reducing the chance of passing something to absolute zero. Inventive? Absolutely. But I am not sure this will be implemented widely!

[Interview FotoFurNL]


Thank you so much for sticking with us till the end. Before I go, I’d like to make a little announcement: Score, who is often seen on this channel, but especially our sister-channel: Team Meerkat Games, has moved into his new little place and will be back into the game with videos on this channel soon.

Which brings me to these special people, supporters of this channel: Ishnula, Els Deckers, Taross, Tsiica, Kitako, Falconeo, Hanzana, Cosmik with a K, and Score Chaser (again!).

We will return on June 27th. And until then: Stay awesome, and all the hugs!


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News Team: Thabo Meerkat, Dixie Lioness, Score Chaser, Tani The Lync
Camera: Taross Blackburn, Tekno Catron
Music Used: Introduction music by Ross Bugden

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