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Newsbytes archive for June 2020

Edited by dronon
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Contributors this month include dronon, earthfurst (Happy Canada Day!), GreenReaper, InkyCrow, and Mike Retriever.

dronon: Trailer for Wish Dragon.

earthfurst: Adult animated series Tuca & Bertie has been saved with Adult Swim (TV channel & programming block) greenlighting a 10-episode season 2 of the surreal sitcom (with option for more), after it was cancelled by Netflix after one season.

GreenReaper: Forget Meerkat Manor - live "virtual safaris" have become popular during lockdown. (Now we just need 3D camera equipment, and VR headsets in every household - plus something to replicate the smell.)

dronon: Kotaku article: Introspective furry anime are having a moment.

GreenReaper: Let's be honest: if you were in bed and had to choose between a giant plush and your boyfriend, which one would you pick?

dronon: There's interest in getting an Animorphs movie started.

dronon: Dana Simpson's Phoebe and her Unicorn comic has franchise potential.

Mike Retriever: Finally! 'Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time' to be released in October 2020, for PlayStation 4 / Xbox One. Check it out!

GreenReaper: Is a fursuit head equivalent to an N95 respirator? If you have to ask, the answer is "probably not".

earthfurst: 20 films by Studio Ghibli are now available on Netflix Canada starting today (June 25) including: My Neighbor Totoro, Pom Poko, & The Cat Returns. Ghibli films were already available on Netflix in some countries. People in USA can watch via HBOMax.

InkyCrow: Check out the teaser trailer starring Kanye West and Kid Cudi's fursonas in the animated series Kids See Ghosts.

dronon: Spiky the Hedgehog has been chosen as the mascot for the 2021 Ice Hockey World Championships.



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I first saw the Spiky the Hedgehog link and thought "WOW! Is Sonic really going to be there?" before reading it a second time and realising that it wasn't Sonic. I'll read this article anyway; it still looks interesting.

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