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Newsbytes archive for February 2021

Edited by dronon, GreenReaper as of 03:52
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Contributors this month include 2cross2affliction, BlindWolf8, dronon, earthfurst, and GreenReaper.

earthfurst: "Fur Affinity is independent once again! Effective (Feb 1), the site is under sole ownership of Dragoneer (operated under Frost Dragon Art, LLC)." Also new logo, update to Code of Conduct ("Do not promote ideologies harmful to public safety..."), etc.

GreenReaper: Your next fursona? The nano-chameleon of Madagascar, just 22-29 mm long, "hunts for mites on the rainforest floor and hides from predators at night in blades of grass."

GreenReaper: A life for a life: Sumatran tiger pair takes out a keeper after a landslide-triggered escape; only one could be safely recaptured and returned to the zoo in Singkawang, West Kalimantan on Borneo island.

GreenReaper: Plot to get UK eating spider crabs, previously a hard sell, now to be called "Cornish King".

2cross2affliction: The rights to Brian Jacques' Redwall series has been acquired by Netflix. A feature film based on the original Redwall and a series based on Martin the Warrior are planned.

GreenReaper: Colombia's "cocaine hippos" could be out of control within a decade or two.

BlindWolf8: Furry pride at Virginia Tech.

GreenReaper: "We are physical creatures, that need touch" - The Stranger discusses the prospect of furry teledildonics, interviewing furs starting to integrate RL sex toys into VR roleplaying experiences.

GreenReaper: Red pandas are an international symbol of love, according to the developers of Fall Guys, for which a special skin was made to commemorate Valentine's Day.

GreenReaper: Flayrah now lists relevant editors in the byline when viewing a story on its own page, along with the date/time of the last update (if applicable).

dronon: A talk show hosted by Dr. Zaius from Planet of the Apes.

dronon: A black-footed ferret has been cloned.

2cross2affliction: Controversial US Senator Ted Cruz's pet poodle goes viral for its rather unfortunate name.

GreenReaper: A reminder of simpler times: the day therapy dog Link attended 'pet event' MCFC 2017 (at which $10,000 was raised for Pets for Vets). [via Hiptoro]

GreenReaper: Black bear bites back...side.

2cross2affliction: A playable version of Rare's Dinosaur Planet, the game that would become Star Fox Adventures, has been leaked online. Finally, a chance to see Krystal in her awkward pre-pubescent years!

GreenReaper: Got an hour to spare? You could do worse than spend it on Act I of Hamilton as rendered in Animal Crossing - with more on the mash-up's channel.

GreenReaper: Making Australia wet again.

GreenReaper: "Are you a boy or a girl?" For this bird, the answer may be 'both'.

2cross2affliction: Pixar's movie for 2021, Luca, has released a teaser trailer. It is apparently part of the Shape of Water Cinematic Universe.

GreenReaper: "I need to be me. Even if me has a giant dinosaur head." @AWomensThing's @IreneHuhulea interviews Long Island artist and velociraptor @WarszawaScream (Shannon Burgess, aka Ralph), who explains how her involvement in furry fandom has shaped her life.

2cross2affliction: The Sinnoh region Pokémon games are being remade as Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl for the Nintendo Switch.

GreenReaper: Two tails good, six legs better.



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