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Newsbytes archive for April 2021

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Contributors this month include 2cross2affliction, dronon, and GreenReaper.

GreenReaper: Building a bot to climb like a dragon.

2cross2affliction: Space Jam: A New Legacy finally gets a trailer.

2cross2affliction: While we're on the subject of Warner Bros./HBO Max movie trailers James Gunn's The Suicide Squad is kind of furry. Note: That's the red band trailer, so cussing and King Shark eating a man.

GreenReaper: The BBC's guide to zoomorphizing for investors - including hamsterkauf.

GreenReaper: Papal-blessed Pushkin is one of many well-known - and not so-well-known - working pussy-cats.

2cross2affliction: We are officially in the end times; has been updated.

GreenReaper: From the fur east: Fox and Burger Podcast (@foxandburger) presented by @Foxnakh and @L1ghtningRunner interviews Asian furs such as @Kofukitty, @PolarTheLion, Daza (@wolf_daz), @KiyochiiTheFox, @AulderWhitefur and Sherbert Shenanigans (@RedHot_Yamada).

GreenReaper: Many furs know the tale of Boggis, Bunce and Bean - but did you know a Bunce is still around, and objecting to destruction related to express rail line HS2? Meanwhile, one protester dressed as Badger says he "won't be walking out of this wood".

GreenReaper: This one's for the birds.

dronon: Beastars voice actor interviews furries. (Tip: Dralen)

GreenReaper: "...when we have students in school now that don't identify as a boy or a girl but as a cat, as a furry, we have issues" - Arkansas legislators take a stand against furry names, trans pronouns in the classroom.

GreenReaper: "The Owl and the Pussycat" by Mole Hill and Laura Duncalf wins a BAFTA for Best Short Animation - but you can't see the rest of it, as they're "holding it back for the festival circuit".

GreenReaper: Nepal's rhino numbers rise again after latest census, but the rate of population growth is slowing, thanks in part to natural causes - including tigers.

GreenReaper: Cuthbert the Caterpillar cake causes "coat-tails" complaint from creators of cancer charity champion Colin - but what of Cecil, Curly and Clyde?

GreenReaper: Human-macaque embryos created by US-China team raise hopes, fears - with one scientist calling it "only a matter of time" before fully-developed chimeras are created, perhaps in a bid for transplantable organs.

GreenReaper: Gizmodo reflects on the life and times of ABC Island - the Australian broadcaster's outpost on Second Life, which ran from March 2007 to September 2012 - and its erstwhile furry host, Wolfie Rankin.

GreenReaper: Mouse deer: for zoos who like the idea of deer, but are looking for something a little smaller to fit their means.

2cross2affliction: Beware of humans: the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19 may have transferred from bat to man, but can it go from man to bat?



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The article about ABC Island lead me down a four hour rabbit hole, and now it is well into the morning. I always find it interesting to delve into old blogs, furry or otherwise. I never used Second Life, but I have read in multiple places that it was very easy for dedicated users to "put themselves in" the body of their virtual avatar. It's amazing how humans are able to anthropomorphize things and imagine our personality in them. In particular, this post by Wolfie,

It’s funny, but it doesn’t take long for the avatar to feel as though it’s an extension of yourself, so when someone catches you naked, it’s a little bit embarrassing.

Furry culture thinks that sex, of any kind, is quite a normal thing, and that genitals are merely another part of the body.

I had genitals, multiple kinds for each avatar… human, equine, canine and dragon and we wore these proudly and flashed them about with gay abandon.

PS: I'm still waiting for the Flayrah registration email.

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