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Newsbytes archive for July 2021

Edited by dronon
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Contributors this month include 2cross2affliction, dronon, earthfurst, GreenReaper, InkyCrow, Rakuen Growlithe, and Sonious.

GreenReaper: Return of Kazakhstan's saiga at risk from road plans.

earthfurst: Trolls flood Gettr (extremist/pro-Trump social network) with Sonic the Hedgehog, hentai, furry porn, leftist memes, and more. Ops can add or remove trending topics. Gettr has issues such as hacked accounts, and Trump may not even join.

Rakuen Growlithe: River, the dog which served as the model and inspiration for Fallout 4's Dogmeat, has passed away.

InkyCrow: Light In The Attic Records to release domestically the Beastars Season 1 soundtrack on CD and 3 LP box set (complete with 124-page art book and poster)

earthfurst: Beastars season 2 available via Netflix starting this Thursday (July 15). It aired in Japan in early 2021. Netflix offers season 1 in subtitled and dubbed versions; presumably season 2 will be too. Link: Season 2 trailer - mid-June version.

GreenReaper: If smart girls turning into red pandas is your thing, Disney/Pixar's Turning Red - out early next year - may be right up your alley. [tip: Starling]

GreenReaper: After much fun with database collations, and several unexpected crashes, Flayrah now has a connection to the astral plane, enabling support for emoji and other unusual characters. Enjoy! 😼

Sonious: Furcast starts a GoFundMe in attempts to get money for new studio equipment.

dronon: Pro-science Brazilians dress as reptiles to protest their president's poor handling of vaccinations.

dronon: Mini sports challenges, fetch quests, animals, and Japanese folklore are part of a browser-based game in Google's Doodle banner for the Tokyo Olympics.

Sonious: Matt Baume covers furries and their affinity for crafting engaging virtual worlds.

2cross2affliction: Amaterasu, lupine protagonist of cult furry favorite video game Ōkami, will be available to unlock as a Palamute skin for Monster Hunter Rise starting July 30.

Sonious: Global Furry Television Reports that convention Anthro East Coast has decided to disband after being unable to find a new con chairperson.

2cross2affliction: Arthur, the children's animated show about an anthropomorphic aardvark, will end a 25-season run after 2022. Production of the show has been finished for two years.

GreenReaper: It's International Tiger Day - so have some photos, before the ~3,900 that remain in the wild vanish forever.

dronon: A new trailer for the Stray game!

GreenReaper: Big Red Dog delayed due to Delta, says Deadline.



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