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Newsbytes archive for November 2021

Edited by dronon, GreenReaper as of Fri 6 May 2022 - 14:30
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Contributors this month include 2cross2affliction, dronon, earthfurst, GreenReaper, and Rakuen Growlithe.

GreenReaper: "Mindess man-eating monsters... I knew that that was wrong" - 20 years of swimming with the sharks of Tiger Beach.

GreenReaper: A series of short videos outline solutions adopted from insects, cows, manta rays and lobsters for medicine, scientific research, sanitation and recycling. 🦞

GreenReaper: The bees who stayed out in the cold - and survived mites that decimated their cousins.

dronon: Today in fox news, frost, falsehood, and football.

dronon: Something Awful, the extremely influential website whose users were a recurring thorn in the side of furry fandom, has had its founder Lowtax pass away.

2cross2affliction: Do you want more information about Zootopia+, the Disney+ sequel series coming sometime next year? Well, here's a teaser picture, anyway.

GreenReaper: COVID claims three Nebraskan sneps, while lions, tigers and hyenas survive so far.

dronon: Winners of the 2021 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards.

GreenReaper: Lobsters may escape a painful death in the pot, as UK experts find scientific evidence that sentience is not limited to animals with spines.

Rakuen Growlithe: Rats have been taught how to play a basic version of Doom.

earthfurst: Dogs in Space is an animated sci-fi adventure series that premiered on Netflix on Nov. 18, 2021. Earth scientists send genetically-enhanced dogs to find a new planet to move to. Netflix made an up-front order for 20 episodes, so season 2 is being worked on.

dronon: Don't forget to fill out the fursuits and fursuiting survey before 4 p.m. (Pacific) on Friday Nov. 26th! You don't need to be a fursuiter to take part!

2cross2affliction: Flayrah readers should probably be able to get today's Final Jeopardy "Fictional Language" clue.



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