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Anthrocon Programming Needed / Invention Fair / Elevator Update

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My beautiful and talented programming director Susan Parkin (SusanDeer) has informed me that we have a few open spots on our preliminary programming schedule. If you have an idea for a panel, roundtable, or workshop (and particularly if you are willing to run it!) please drop a note to Better still, you can submit your idea on our handy-dandy Programming Suggestion Form at

And do not forget our INVENTION FAIR! We've already had a lot of inquiries and have heard some very good preliminary ideas. The full
information can be found on our web page at The deadline for entry is June 20, so get those brains in gear. Remember, one of the prizes we're offering to our resident geniuses is a FREE ROOM-NIGHT at the Adams Mark! Cut down on your hotel costs by showing off your cerebral capacity!

And for those who have been asking, the elevator renovation project is on schedule. By this year's con we should have one guest elevator working on the new 21st-century program (and one staff elevator as well, so the maids can get the towels up to you); one elevator will be undergoing renovation, and two will be on the old 19th-century program. We should see a noticeable difference in elevator response this year, and by next year it will not be an issue. Our thanks to "Magic Tom" Hughsted, the Adams Mark's Convention Services Manager, for all of his dilligent help.

-- Uncle Kage


Your rating: None Average: 5 (2 votes)

I must ask, is the second place prize TWO nights at the Adams Mark for free? :)

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