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Newsbytes archive for June 2022

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For whatever reason, May was pretty slow. Not the case for this June! Contributors this month include 2cross2affliction, dronon, earthfurst, and GreenReaper.

earthfurst: Japanese furry buys collie quadsuit because he "wanted to be an animal" and posted videos of his suit to YouTube ("...I want to be an animal" channel) starting on April 12. Tabloids take interest: Toronto Sun, New York Post, Daily Express, etc.

GreenReaper: In California, bees are "fish" because snails are, too.

dronon: TheScore eSports does a 27-minute piece about SonicFox.

dronon: Is it legal to Awoo in Simlish?

dronon: Your smartwatch's heart rate monitor was developed by a furry.

earthfurst: Today furries in Canada will finally get to see adult animated series Tuca & Bertie season2 on TV (AdultSwim channel). Season2 debut on June5 or 6 (depending on timezone). EasternDT Monday 12:30am & 3:30am. PacificDT Sunday 9:30pm & Monday 12:30am.

dronon: An intriguing essay about "sweetweird" storytelling by author Charlie Jane Anders. Nothing animal-related, but her take on the concept shares common vibes with aspects of furry fandom.

GreenReaper: Forget fancy fursuit LEDs: the new trend is to fit lobster pots with them in order to harvest wild scallops without dredging.

GreenReaper: Puzzlebox ott: training captive animals to obtain food in the wild.

GreenReaper: When coyotes take your firstborn son, what do you do? Create a multicoloured quill suit to protect the other one! [tip: Elysium]

earthfurst: June 19 episode of Collector's Call (MeTV series) will be about the Paddington Bear collection of Leslie Livingood. Each episode of the documentary series focuses on a different big collector of pop culture memorabilia.

GreenReaper: If they run out of marker, give that artist a banana.

GreenReaper: South Carolina pastor running for the Republican nomination tosses furries in with LGBT and groomers as "sexual orientation communication" that teachers should be charged with child abuse for mentioning.

GreenReaper: Korean app Petnow designed to find lost dogs by noseprint, with the ulterior motive of discouraging abandonment due to costly vet bills.

GreenReaper: New to Flayrah's sidebar: convention news video podcast Grovel Reports, by @GrovelHusky, hosted on YouTube, with individual news items distributed via Twitter and Telegram and Twitch for streams.

dronon: Game demo: Back to the Dawn.

dronon: Wolf and Dragon, an utterly charming storyboarded tale from artist SEGAmastergirl.

dronon: Did furry stalkers cause the cancellation of Tiny Toon Adventures?

GreenReaper: Sequencing the UK and Ireland's population of native species by 2030 - down to the protists and mud owls.

GreenReaper: New York Court of Appeals rules 5-2 that "impressive" elephant not subject to habeas corpus; Judge Jenny Rivera's dissent calls the captivity of 51-year-old Happy "inherently unjust and inhumane" and "an affront to a civilized society".

2cross2affliction: New trailer for Puss in Boots: The Last Wish. DreamWorks is apparently going all in on Big Bad Wolves this year.

dronon: Release date for the Zootopia+ series: November 9, 2022.

dronon: Trailer for Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile.

dronon: There's now a better trailer for the upcoming Brazilian animated film, Perlimps, whose main characters are a very stylized wolf and bear.

dronon: Wow, lots of trailers showing up! Previously known as Blazing Samurai, after eight years of troubled development this animated film will finally be released on July 15 as Paws of Fury: The Legend of Hank.

dronon: And here's the teaser trailer for Luck, to be released on Apple TV+ on August 5. Sadly no shots of the dragon. [tip: Pegla]

dronon: The trailer for The Amazing Maurice, aiming for Christmas! (If they don't do the original book justice, the fanbase is going to be really ticked off.)



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Tiny Toons was cancelled when it hit 100 episodes which it needed for long term syndication. The same thing for Animaniacs (though part of that was also cost given that, by the end, it was costing them half a million per episode). Remember both these shows were still done with physical painted cells.

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