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Further Confusion Newsletter - July 2002

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Greetings friends, from the Further Confusion 2003 executive staff. July
is finally here, the warm Bay Area weather is upon us, and we're a week
away from AnthroCon, which historically is the halfway point in
preparation for Further Confusion. We're on schedule to make 2003 the best
FurCon ever, from the Madhatter's Tea Party on Thursday night until the
final Dead Dog on Monday evening.

Our Dealers' Room is starting to fill up nicely, and we expect to have an
even better variety of dealers next year than we had in 2002. In
addition, we've got more art show panels than ever, larger space for the
Masquerade, Furry Variety Show, dances, and other main stage events. In
2003, we're also featuring an expanded gaming track, with rooms dedicated
both for role playing games and video games and, for the first year,
FurCon will host a spirituality track.

Thanks everyone, for making FurCon 2002 the great convention it was, and
we hope to see you all at FurCon 2003, where we've got all sorts of
surprises in store! Perhaps even a grin without a cat! It's the most
curious thing I ever saw in my life!

2. FC Summer Picnic and Campout Announced

It's almost that time again; time for the annual Further Confusion spring
picnic. This year, we're holding it at Lake Chabot regional park, in
Castro Valley, on July 27th, from 10AM until 6PM, with lunch starting
around noon. As usual, we'll be providing the meat, and suggest bringing
salads, other sides, or deserts. If you are feeling really brave, there's
fishing in Lake Chabot, which is stocked with bass, crappie, and other

Other activities around the picnic site include swimming, hiking, lake
tours, volleyball, horseshoes, and boat rentals. Dogs are permitted, but
must remain leashed in developed areas. There is a $4.00 parking fee for
non-East Bay Regional Park District members. If you wish to car pool into
the park, you may park nearby at Chairo's house.

In addition to the picnic, we'll be camping at the nearby Anthony Chabot
park, Friday and Saturday nights. There is limited space at the
campsites, so please RSVP to if you plan to
camp. Use of the campsites is not free, so there will be a roughly $5.00
charge per person to recover the reservation fee.

To get to the park, take I-580 to the 150th Ave exit. Head east to
Fairmont Drive, then turn left up the hill and continue to the park
entrance on the left. If you want to use MapQuest to find your
directions, the complete address is:

17930 Lake Chabot Road
Castro Valley, CA 94546

3. FC at AnthroCon (FC2002 Highlight Tape)

Yep! Its done and at the duplicators and barring emergencies should be for
sale at Anthrocon. We put a lot of effort into our tape to make it sharp
so please come by and pick up a copy. We will have this along with
registration forms, t-shirts, and and sign-ups for whatever dealers' room
tables we have left. If you are there stop and give us a hello, feedback,
and snag some stuff.

4. Hotel Information

Hotel Reservations and Online Registration are now available. Get all the
details form our website. Book early and often. Its our first year at a
new hotel so we want to impress them with our patronage. If you are
interested in a suite, please contact us directly at We only have eight to use, so if you are part
of a group that will want to host a party, get in touch with us
soon. Also, if you have any problems with booking a room, email our hotel
liaison at the address above.

5. Dealers' Room Almost Sold Out!

Our Dealers' Room is approaching capacity. We may have a few tables left
after AnthroCon, but if you have NOT gotten in contact with Karl Maurer or
with FC via, we suggest you see Karl at AC or
get in touch with us as soon as possible. You'll be able to find him at
either the Fauxpaw table at AC, or through whoever is manning the FC

6. Travel Assistance program

Each year we have some folks who have difficulty making it out to FC for
financial considerations. This program allows members of the public to
sponsor someone anonymously. Usually the folks on our list teach a panel
or do something else that is of benefit to our attendees but it's
certainly NOT required. If you want to be placed on the Travel Assistance
Page, please contact us at and include your real
name, fan name, physical address, and telephone number.

7. New Event Information

FCTV Announcement:

Well we have a lot of new things happening at this next Further Confusion,
one of which is FCTV. Thanks to our new hotel, we're now able to use one of
the hotel's internal TV network. We'll be showing everything from popular
events you may have missed, to furry movies and shorts, and possibly even
live events, such as a furry late-night TV show.

What we're looking for now, are animations, TV shows, movies, shorts, or any
sort of furry based video. This can be a music video you've made, or a film,
even Flash based animations will be considered.. All we ask is that you own
the copyright for material sent in, or have public broadcast rights and that
the material be of a PG or lesser rating. If you know of a friend who may
have something that would be appropriate, have them e-mail us! If in doubt,
go ahead and send it in.

If you have any questions at all regarding FCTV, feel free to e-mail

For full info and everything you could want to know FC-wise, please check our
website at:

Further Confusion


Your rating: None Average: 5 (2 votes)

>Yep! Its done and at the duplicators and barring emergencies should be for
>sale at Anthrocon.

I put that through Babelfish and got this:

We waited until the last minute to do this tape and are rushing to get it done in time for Anthrocon, which is 2 days away. We're not actually sure if it will be done, so we are not promising anything.

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