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Leslie Fish to be Confurence 2003 GOH

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Okay, it's early for it, but Kay Shapero posted to

Yep, it's official - Leslie Fish has signed on as ConFurence 2003 Filk GOH.

Long famed for her bardic prowess (if you have't heard her yet, you owe it to yourself to do so), Leslie is also the only person I know who's gone beyond writing about animal Uplifts to actually doing it... Yeppers, since starting it as a college project way back when, Leslie has been breeding a line of Aisian shorthairs for sturdiness and intelligence.. and lately she's added a polydactil strain. That's right, intelligent cats with thumbs...

You can find some of her songs on the Virtual Filksing (no complete collection exists - before you finish compling it, she's written 20 more... :->)


Your rating: None Average: 5 (2 votes)

*bwa ha ha* She calls it sci-fi, NOT "SF." Take that. ;)~

Other than that, her stories of intelligent cats are some of my favorites. I particularly like the one where Mrrp the Magnificent develops the lever (yes, a LEVER) to open a wedged door to get to a queen in heat. And the blue-jay ambush/mass slaughter is good too.

Though I think it's a bit late for an anarchistic society to arise after the massive social collapse of 2000.

A very cool gal all around.

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