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March 2005

Greenland to clear tourist polar bear hunts

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Apparently, according to the Tropical Medical Bureau news, Greenland is apparently to allow the hunting of polar bears - an endangered species - by the first half of the year.

Why they are doing this is beyond me -- polar bears are an endangered species; isn't there some sort of law to stop them?


Fred Patten in hospital - AGAIN!

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Friday night (March 11th), around midnight, Fred Patten had a stroke that left the right side of his body paralyzed. He managed to call 911 and was taken to Daniel Freeman Hospital in Marina Del Rey.

We visited Fred briefly Saturday but got shooed out when he got tired. His vision is blurred, and he keeps his eyes closed since his eyes keep going in and out of focus -- like a roller coaster ride you can't get off. His speech is also blurred, but pretty understandable. Right now there's no point in bringing him books. He does welcome visitors, and the ICU doesn't insist that only relatives may come -- but may be busy with doctors running tests on him or get tired.

As of today, there is little change, which is actually a good thing - any radical change at this point would almost certainly be bad news, so slow, steady improvements are the best things to hope for at the moment.

Tsunami victim saved by a crocodile!!

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It doesn't seem in their nature, but this crocodile played a vital role in the survival of a victim caught in the recent, devastating tsunami.

The Rocket RCFM News

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The Rocket

Version 3.14

Edition 1.02

RCFM 3.14 is on the Launch Pad and the countdown has begun! We will
begin on
the 27th of May, 2005.

Ground Control Huntsville Is in the beginning stages of Launch as
and artists of the highest caliber such as 2 The Ranting Gryphon,
Devil, and Babs Bunny are even now in final preparation for launch.
Ship the Mighty Radisson Suites with its all suite crew quarters is
and ready for launch. The galley crew is in already working hard to
up on all the needed supplies for our voyage. Security forces are
and ready for any situation. All we need is YOU!

SO, Visit us at and register for the Best Furmeet in
the south!

Pre-registration: Visit our webpage for full details

$10 - Single day membership

$10 - Non-attending, support level membership

$30 - Attending level membership, all three days

$40 - Sponsor level membership

$70 - Super sponsor level membership

Registration at the door

$15 - Single day membership

$40 - Attending level membership, all three days

$50 - Sponsor level membership

$90 - Super sponsor level membership

Are you An Artist? The RCFM conbook staff is searching for Story
submissions and original artwork.

Do you like to dance???? WE will be offering Dances on our Voyage
this year,
Heros will dazzle you with his creations and Music, Amber `n Alex
will host
an ALL Request dance, so you can let loose. Come and Dance your
Tails off
this year and yes we will have Fursuit friendly dance time.

Our Dealers Den is filling up, if you are a dealer and want a table,

WE are looking for furs to host discussion panels this year. Do you
have an
Idea for a good panel? Contact Draconis draconis@k... and let him
your Idea.


Update on Human-Animal Chimeral Experiments

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Two years back, I posted a story on Flayrah about the Human-Rabbit experiment run by Chinese scientists.

Last year, I posted information about another article debating the ethical ramifications of blending human and animal genetics.

Well, as it turns out, it's back in the news again. Seems that turning animals into people (unfortunately, scientists won't touch the other direction) is interesting news for furries and non-furries alike.

Here's the full story, this one by National Geographic. The new twist? Mice with human brains. How far is too far?


ConiFur Wants YOU!

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We've received a decent response to our informal requests for assistance for Conifur 2005. We do indeed need help for we've had several retirements in our staff and need new blood, new ideas, new strong backs to help shoulder the burdens. While we always need generalized help during the event, we especially need help in Registration (Registration Lead, staffers, etc), Events (organizing events to fill space available), Dance, Charity Auction/Fundraiser, Security, Gaming and more. If you want to update your job resume, participating in a nonprofit organization like Conifur can really help out for it shows outside activities that deal with managing a trade show environment. Job skills learned in helping to run a convention can and do apply directly to many jobs in the real world. Here's a break down:

Califur CF2.1 Semi-Occasional-Monthly Newsletter for February 2005

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Website News!
We now have several new features on our Website, not the least of which
are the new forums. If you registered on our old Forums, you will need
to register again. Go to for details.

Morphicon February Newsletter Spectacular!

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Morphicon 2005 "Growing Pains": May 6-8, 2005
Radisson Columbus-Worthington, OH

In this issue:

* Early Registration and Art Contest Deadlines
* Conbook and Advertising Notice
* Oodles of Programming Panels and Events
* New: Morphicon's Gaming Track!
* Donations Needed for Charity Events

2004 Recommended Anthropomorphics List - final update

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2004 Recommended Anthropomorphics List - final update, January 2005

This is the final update of the fourth annual Recommended Anthropomorphics List. It has two purposes. Firstly, it is for fans who want to know what Furry movies, TV series, novels, etc. published during 2004 are worth looking for. The 2004 Recommended List is now closed.

Anthrocon 2005 Conbook Seeks Your Artwork And Stories

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Anthrocon, the world's largest furry convention, is once again looking for talented artists and writers to provide material for its convention book. The Anthrocon conbook offers a fantastic forum for artists and writers to showcase their talents to their peers.

Anthrocon 2005 Charity Auction Info (2/05)

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Anthrocon 2005 is coming! The charity for Anthrocon 2005 is Greater Philadelphia Search & Rescue (GPSAR), a non-profit canine search & rescue unit ( You can read more about them in the Charity Auction FAQ on the Anthrocon website ( in the FAQs section, by checking the info request box for the Charity Auction when registering for Anthrocon 2004 online at the Anthrocon 2004 webpage, or by emailing the Charity Auction autoresponder at If you would like to participate by donating merchandise to the Anthrocon Charity Auction, follow the steps below:

Anthrocon 2005 Masquerade Info (2/05)

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Anthrocon 2005 is coming!

NEW FOR 2005: The Anthrocon Masquerade is accepting visual media presentations, such as animation and short films!

If you are a costumer or visual artist and would like to participate in the Masquerade, here is what you should do:

1. Visit Anthrocon 2005's homepage for convention details (
2. Review the latest draft of the Anthrocon 2005 Masquerade FAQ and rules on the Anthrocon webpage in the FAQ section or via the autoresponder at
3. Contact me at to confirm your participation or to get on the informational mailing list.

Once signed up, you will be added to an e-mailing list which will receive information about the Masquerade up through contime, how to prepare for it, and how things will be organized.

If you have any questions about the Anthrocon 2005 Masquerade, you can also send them to for a prompt reply.

Hope to hear from you!