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August 2007

Rocket City FurMeet - August Newsletter

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Hey Y'all!

The August 2007 issue of the RCFM newsletter is now available!

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We hope to see everyone who's able to make it for -=RCFM Deep Six=- in May, 2008!

Head Cat
Rocket City FurMeet

Clawcast Podcast Club Stripes Interview

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Clawcast is at it again with an interview to hold you over until the infamously anticipated "What is Furry?" episode to be released next week.

Episode Summary:

Join Clawcast in the second episode, an extensive interview with artists Midori and Daria McGrain from the pay site Club Stripes. Includes a discussion of what kind of work goes into a pay site, a brief history of the site's creation, opinions on online art piracy, and advice for those interested in starting their own pay sites.


Bad Dog Books offers two books through, discounted

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The first two titles from Bad Dog Books that have been made available through, are available for pre-order at a substantial discount: $13.57 as opposed to the normal $19.99.

The first is White Crusade, an anthropomorphic science fiction novel by Ben Goodridge. Set 500 years after Man's downfall, this book follows Tay of the Wolf-Clan, whose principles of harmony and peace for the betterment of his tribe are put to the test when a technology-worshiping cult sweeps the remnants of what once was the United States.

The second is ROAR Volume 1, an anthology of anthropomorphic science fiction stories by a variety of furry authors, including Kevin Frane, Altivo Overo, Whyte Yoté, Rincewind and others.

Because the discount is offered by and not Bad Dog Books, BDB can provide no information as to how long this discount will remain in effect!

These titles are listed as 'preorders' and will be shipped as soon as has completed their administration in their stock.

For more information, visit

The Fandom's Report Card

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It's been five years since I wrote a short editorial here, called “State of the Fandom”, and to my suprise it's still in the top 10 of most read articles here. So I felt it was time to give you all an overdue follow up, and grade the fandom on it's progress. So I submit to you, the Fandom's Report Card.

ConFuzzled Convention Confirms Further Events

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After our recent staff meeting, we're pleased to confirm that we've now updated all of the ConFuzzled events!

New issue of Tai-Pan available

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Issue #43 of Tales of the Tai-Pan Universe is in the mail headed to all subscribers! Issue #43 should be available from Rabbit Valley and Second Ed soon.

ANTHROlogy ONE: Now more available than ever!

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Quentin 'Cubist' Long here with the latest news from Anthro.

In honor of our upcoming second anniversary issue, I've permanently slashed the price of ANTHROlogy One, the zine's first printed collection! Starting today, you can buy your very own ink-on-paper copy of almost everything from the zine's first six issues for USD $19.99 -- and that's a full 20% price cut. How can you resist?

In addition to the price drop, ANTHROlogy One is now available in downloadable PDF form, for a mere USD $4.99! So whether you were waiting for the PDF edition, or 'only' for a price cut... well, we've got you covered. And best of all, 75% of all profits will go to the writers and artists who made Anthro #s 1-6 what they are. Enjoy!

If you feel like taking advantage of this price drop, just surf on over to the ANTHRO Press website and do what comes naturally. We'll keep the light on for you, as the saying goes...

Anthrocon is 'largest furry fan club', say Guinness World Records

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Anthrocon's fursuiters accompany the entry

The 2008 edition of Guinness World Records calls Anthrocon the "largest furry fan club" in the world.

The entry describes furry fandom as "a subculture which enjoys dressing up as animals." It makes reference to Richard Adams' Watership Down, and also mentions Anthrocon's charity auction, guests of honor, and the "furries parade."[1]

While the book's description of Anthrocon as a "club" may seem odd, it has merit; Anthrocon, Inc. is a 501(c)(7) recreational club which operates a convention for its members.

The entry is slightly out of date, as it uses the Anthrocon 2006 figure of 2489, while 2849 attended the 2007 convention. The accompanying photograph is from Tugrik's Anthrocon 2006 photoshoot.[2]

Reception to the news among the furry community has been generally positive, although some took exception to the positioning of the photograph below a table of "modern mass suicides."[3][4][5]

Upcoming furry comics for August 2007 (Diamond Previews only)

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Another busy month, heavy on the werewolves and Halloweenish stuff.

PAGES 66, 103

AUG070203D1 Captain Carrot and the Final Ark #1 (of 3) 32pg, color $2.99
Written by Bill Morrison, art by Scott Shaw! & Al Gordon
'The Zoo Crew is back in a 3-issue COUNTDOWN tie-in miniseries! Captain Carrot reunites the team to face a threat that begins at the 'Sandy Eggo Comic-Con' and quickly menaces the entire world! The gang's all here: Fastback, Pig-Iron, Yankee Poodle, American Eagle, Alley-Kat-Abra, and the Captain himself, taking on the Salamandroid!' But where's Little Cheese! Looks like they have American Eagle from the *Teen Titans* storyline that lost him, Fastback and Alley-Kat-Abra! Oh, the continuity!

Clawcast Episode 5

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A new episode of Clawcast is out for your listening pleasure!

Episode Summary:
In a world where Sibe is in jail, furry fan clubs reign, Drakenbytes are a beloved cereal of doom, and furry conventions are terrifying, there is a podcast. That podcast is Clawcast, and this is the sixth episode. After your news brief on the furry fandom, Flain, Scry, and Zim return to discuss online furry social groups and what is so great or...terrifying...about them.

Links: (warning, adult content)

Dragons Rule In Bitterwood

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Fantasy author James Maxey told SCI FI Wire that his latest novel, Bitterwood, takes place in a world where humans live under the rule of dragons.

"The dominant species, sun-dragons, are much bigger than humans: stronger, smarter and better organized under the forceful leadership of the dragon-king, Albekizan," Maxey said in an interview. "However, a dragonslayer named Bitterwood haunts Albekizan's kingdom."

For the full story, see the article on SciFi Wire.

Eurofurence 13 bans Softpaw

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Softpaw #2: banned at Eurofurence

Eurofurence chair Cheetah has announced a ban on the sale or distribution of the erotic cub publication Softpaw Magazine at this September's convention. The announcement came just an hour after Portugese comic book artist and Softpaw contributor Dktorzi announced his intent to act as a dealer of the magazine.[1][2] German furry artist Inuki was given a similar message.[3]

Cheetah noted that the decision was based on four factors: the legal "gray area" surrounding cub pornography in Germany, the "rather diastrous[sic] conflicts within the fandom" (a reference to incidents at Fur Affinity and elsewhere), the board's wish to maintain a good reputation with the hotel and its staff, and a pre-existing ban on cub pornography in the art show. He stated that the board's decision "is final, and we will not discuss it."