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Furry Artwork Seeks Your Funding

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Anthrology (doncha just love what we do to the language?) is an upcoming hardcover collection of more than 150 full-color non-adult illustrations from 40 artists.  Well, it may be coming up — if they reach their goal. Currently there’s an Indiegogo campaign to finance not only printing the books, but paying each of the artists involved a fair share for their work.  The Indiegogo sight has loads of links to loads of artwork by the various artists.  After the campaign is complete, this collection will not be sold again, according to the editors.

image c. 2014 by Zengel

image c. 2014 by Zengel


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"Anthrology" is not a new word. "ANTHROlogy" 1 through 3 were the thick trade paperback compilations of Quentin "Cubist" Long's online ANTHRO magazine, published as ANTHRO Press through

Fred Patten

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I don't think they're going to reach their goal, this isn't me being mean or anything, this is just based on math.

Their goal is $25,000 dollars.

If you add up all their limited availability slots (80 buck + donation catagories) the total if ALL of them sold out is 16,800 dollars, a gap of 8,200 dollars.

After all their limited rewards donations are sold out, their next highest one is a physical copy for 45 dollars. It would require selling 183 copies on top of .

That's quite a hefty order. I hope they make me eat these words, but it seems a climb.

Pessimistic roo is pessimistic- not that I wish to be, I really want to see that SFW art can show it can bring in some bank.

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I have sent a $45 donation for a copy (rather, I have asked my sister to donate $45 in my name), but yeah, they have less than $2,000 so far, and they have to get $25,000 by the deadline? Extremely unlikely.

Fred Patten

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