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2002 Hugo Awards Announced

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The 2002 Hugo Awards were announced this past weekend at ConJose, the 2002 World Science Fiction Convention. winners include American Gods by Neil Gaiman for Best Novel, The Lord of the Rings for Best Dramatic Presentation, and Ellen Datlow as Best Professional Editor.


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Some time ago I set myself the chalenge of reading all the Hugo(+Hangers On) Noms this year. I did not acheive this, but I managed to read an awfull lot of good stuff.

This was made sightly easier to atempt thanks to the ability to use THE WONDER OF THE INTERNET(TM). Thanks to such people as Fictionwise, Asimov's who publish their back issues (ps, you'll probably like this one) for free, and even Baen publishing half or even whole books for free. Its a great time for Speculative Fiction Freeloaders...

ps. Jo deserves her award. Go her.

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