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Tough dogs are clumsy 'weaklings' in the UK

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Rottweilers seem like macho, tough dogs, but a British pet insurance company concluded they were the most accident prone canines in the UK, with about 3 in every 5 needing serious vet treatment, requiring an insurance claim, for accidents in their lives. Last year's most sickly dog was the chocolate lab (really a colour type of lab, not a separate breed) and the year before, it was the boxer. On the other hand, poodles are still very hearty dogs, with only 1 in 5 ending up at the vets due to severe illness or accident.

Maybe a froo-froo dog knows something the tough brawlers don't?


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Ooh Flame bait! Oh, btw, this is Mach, I didn't feel like logging in just to post a troll.

Rotties are STUPID! They are big, tough, hardcore STUPID dogs. Thier motto is, "If it doesn't work, smash and bite it repeatedly till it does"

I was treed once by two rotties, what did they do? THEY TRIED TO RAM THE TREE! After about three minutes of this, they roamed away, looking kinda dazed.. I laughed so hard I nearly fell out!

This post brought to you by caffine and insanity.. the preceeding was a toungue in cheek comment.. do NOT take it seriously! *chuckle*

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Stupid but mean sons of guns Mach, you gotta give em that. My sister got bit by my cousin's Rottie some years back and she's got a nice crescent scar where the damn dog bit her. I've never liked or trusted Rotties since.

Tlaren }:=8}

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Agreed Rotweilers a quite stupid and very tough.

There were several at the winery where I used to work.

They would go running up the truck loading ramp an NEVER figured out that the ramp had an ending, so they would sail off the end smack their heads on the concrete! Not just once either, several times a day, they never learned to NOT run off the end of the loading ramp.

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Mach again..

It's generally how they are raised. Rotties are primarilly stupid and tough, not mean by default. Its just that a lot of folk raise them to be mean. Not a good thing. They don't have the brains to figure out when they need to be mean, and when not.

It's hard to train a rottie to see the difference between your guests and a burgler for instance.


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Actually, standard poodles are pretty tough. They have funny fur cuts, but the cuts actually serve the purpose of protecting certain areas from cold while they were hunting, and hunt they did.

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