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Ursa Major Awards Page updated

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The Web page for the Ursa Major Awards has recently been updated.

The Ursa Major Awards, hosted by The ConFurence Group, is the annual "Best Of" awards for Anthropomorphic works of literature and art.

Nominations for the Ursa Major Awards will be open starting December 1, 2002, and going through January 7, 2003.
During this nomination period, ALL members of the furry fandom community are welcome to nominate candidates for any of the 9 categories. Nominees need not be on the recommended reading list, but if they are not, they are likely not eligible for this year's award.

If you can think of an anthropomorphic work that might be eligible, but is not listed, you are encouraged to send the information to

In January, ballots will be generated based on the nominations received. These ballots will be sent to all pre-registered members of ConFurence 2003. Voting for the Ursa Major awards requries that you pre-register for ConFurence.

Fred Patten's Recommended Reading List, which is kept updated on Kay Shapero's website, acts as a list of eligible nominees for the Ursa Major Awards.

More details are available on the newly updated web page...

The ConFurence Group is dedicated to promoting anthropomorphic fandom related events. Find out more at our website.


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