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Ursa Majors 2022 Nominees Announced - Voting Open for March

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Ursa Majors Awards.jpgThe annual Ursa Major Awards have announced their nominees for 2022. Voting has opened and will be held until the end of March. The new category of Music has five nominations. The Best Fursuit category did not have enough nominations to be run this year.

The nominees are listed below. More details around publication and links to more information of each nominee can be found on the Ursa Major's website voting page.

Best Motion Picture
Best Dramatic Short Works
Best Dramatic Series
Best Novel
Best Short Fiction
Best General Literary Work
Best Non-Fiction Work
Best Graphic Story
Best Comic Strip
Best Magazine
Best Illustration
Best Game
Best Website
Best Anthropomorphic Music
Best Anthropomorphic Fursuit

Category not running for 2022 due to insufficient interest.


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No fucking Avatar!

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The times, they are a changing.

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Wow. Also no Pokemon.

Yeah, they are.

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Just look at the top three categories. We had an embarrassment of riches in 2022.

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Well, whatever happens here, I just want to say for next year, I hope the Mario movie doesn't get nominated. Not because "Screw Illumination" or "Screw Chris Pratt," but because the Mario games have almost never really made a presence in the awards, so the movie getting on there would feel weird. Only game semi-related to that universe is Donkey Konga. Evene then, Donkey Kong games are surprisingly sparse from the awards as well.

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Ursa Major Awards 2022 Nominees: It's wonderful to see the diverse range of talent and creativity within the furry community represented in this year's Ursa Major Awards nominees. Spanning various categories, from motion pictures to novels and even music, it's clear that anthropomorphic art and storytelling continue to thrive and evolve.

As a furry enthusiast, I am particularly excited to see the inclusion of new music and dramatic short works categories, showcasing the growth of the community in previously unexplored directions. The absence of the Best Fursuit category this year is unfortunate, but it's a reminder that we must continue to promote and support all aspects of our community to ensure they flourish.

The impact of this year's nominees on the furry community is immense, as they encourage further creativity and inspire new artists and storytellers to join and contribute their talents. It's essential to evaluate each nominee not only for their entertainment value but also for their ability to push the boundaries of what it means to be anthropomorphic art.

By critiquing and comparing the works across various categories, we can gain a deeper understanding of the themes and narratives that resonate within the community and promote those that best represent our values and aspirations. Remember, every vote counts, so let's support our favorites and celebrate the incredible achievements of our fellow furries!

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Thank you for your kind and hopeful words.

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As far as the fursuit section goes, it may be better that fursuit creators add their creation to the recommended list and document the necessary information. Then people can use the recommended list to nominate more easily then recalling which fursuits debuted in which year.

Information for fursuits is hard to come by. Usually only the creator and commissioner know when they were created. So it's going to require awareness for creators to push to have their works recommended for nomination. There isn't good publication information as there is with works of art and written published works to utilize for qualification.

Furries tend to be humble, but ironically the fursuit catagory is going to probably require our fursuit makers to get a little flaunty.

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A bit sad I didn't make the cut for the first ever music award, but happy to see it finally being recognized :)

I'm a different furry with different opinions.

Debut Album out now go stream it plz

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of the 5 music finalists, my current favs are:

top-2 favs: Another Railway Day - by Nonnie, and Can Opener's Notebook Fish Whisperer - by Vylet Pony

my 3rd fav: idaidaida - by ida deerz

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last hours talk about "Best Motion Picture":

my fav: Turning Red (Pixar, Disney)

DC League of Super-Pets : is ok.

Puss in Boots: The Last Wish : DVD came out too late, so not available at local libraries.
The Bad Guys : is ok. Not sure if thief-in-recovery falling in love with another thief is great path for recovery.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 : watched it, but Jim Carrey annoys me too much.

(none made by furry team, so less of big deal for me who wins this one)

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I think Turning Red will be winning this one, though I've been wrong before. Maybe Puss In Boots second?

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last hour(s) talk about "Best Dramatic Short Works":

like these 3 equally:
* Horns (FattyDragonite)
* Tales From Scorchwater Valley - The Rhino and the Redbill
* Tales of Zale - Flickering Lights

The Legend of Pipi: looks good, but the amount of mistakes Pipi makes had me going cringe/nooooooo.

Monkey Wrench - The Ghost Egg: is good, but both heroes don't seem to be furry

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I liked those three too, I think the Tales one have an edge on Horns quality-wise, but they were also done by more people. (Arguably this doesn't matter for 'best', just noting it.)

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last hour(s) talk about "Best Dramatic Series":

My top2 favs:
* The Owl House (Disney)
* Tuca & Bertie (Tornante, Netflix) (Mature audiences)

Which version of
* Bluey ??? don't like that Disney censored the version they distribute (Saberspark: )

No strong feelings about the other 2:
* Helluva Boss (VivziePop) (Mature audiences)
* Zootopia+ (Disney)

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I like Helluva Boss and Bluey, gave the third spot to the owls even though I have some reservations about whether Disney will care about such an award.

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I decided to abstain from voting Helluva Boss because they won last year and only had two episodes this year. I mean, they're a very independent operation, two episodes in a year is fine (and they were good!) but seems like a good year to share the wealth.

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Anyone got last hour talk about "Best Novel"??

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I couldn't make a great decision on them - Furry Faux Paw seemed well-received, at least, but you never know with Amazon how many of those verified purchasers were friends with deep discount codes.

For non-fiction I would've voted for Mary and Dylan's work, in that order, but not sure if I got that one in before the cutoff. The Cringe video seemed OK too, though I have a hard time voting for something I have to watch in thirty minutes vs. read in five or ten. The UMA work I had a hard time voting for highly because a) I edited it, and b) I sorta disagreed with the premise, plus it was very divisive.

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Putting a pause on the category specific posts...

Noticing the Ursa website doesn't make it easy to start with the first page of 2022 for some works.

links to
which seems to be the homepage.

But the first 2022 page of that comic is at

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wait... I just noticed "The Whiteboard" is in two categories:

The Whiteboard: Sherlock Holmes"

The Whiteboard".


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One is a regular strip, the other is a specific extracted/dedicated story in that style, I guess?

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I'm wondering if ALAA (Anthropomorphic Literature and Arts Association) who run the Ursa awards would be interested in having a lending library of the digital versions of the furry works (novels, short fiction, & other appropriate categories) of the current year (ie. works in latest Recommended Anthropomorphics List, & works eligible to be nominated).

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Well certainly we'd be interested. The question then is, who would do the work to administer it?

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