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Ursa Major Awards - The 2022 Winners Announced!

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Ursa Majors Awards.jpgThe winners of the 2022 Ursa Major Awards have been announced! There were 1350 voters this year! (The voting tallies can be viewed here.)

Also a reminder that the Ursas are run voluntarily, and are accepting PayPal donations to help continue running things in the future. Check their website for details!

And now, the 2022 Awards go to... (Drum roll please)...

The winners and nominees are...

Best Motion Picture
Best Dramatic Short Work
Best Dramatic Series
Best Novel
Best Short Fiction
Best General Literary Work
Best Non-Fiction Work
Best Graphic Story
Best Comic Strip
Best Magazine
Best Illustration
Best Game
Best Website
Best Anthropomorphic Music
Best Anthropomorphic Fursuit

Category not used in 2022 due to insufficient interest.

Congrats to all the winners! Don't forget, if you see furry work that you like and want to share it, originating from both within and outside the fandom, send them into the Recommended Anthropomorphics List!


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Hmm. I don't wanna arouse any suspicions, but I find it particularly weird that in the very first year for a furry music award, it was won by the album that sold the least from the bandcamp links available. I think that says something about who votes for the Ursa Major awards nowadays, not really reflective of furry interests en masse.

But hey at least Patricia didn't win, lol

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Don't worry, I wasn't aroused at all.

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