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Ursa Major nominations close Jan. 7

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Many people are confused, thinking that the Recommended Reading List for Anthropomorphic Artwork and Literature is actually the Nominations for The Ursa Major Awards.

However, the Reading List is simply a compilation of works that *qualify* for the Ursa Major awards, not the nominations themselves.

There is still about a week to send in your nominations to the Ursa Major awards, so that we can create a ballot containing the top 5 nominees of each of the nine categories.To nominate, send an EMail to or Snail-mail them to:
Ursa Major Nominations
c/o The ConFurence Group
PO Box 84721
San Diego, CA 92138-4721

Remember: You can nominate as many as five choices in each category, so don't just nominate your single favorites... if you can't decide, list up to five nominees in each category.

You can read the recommended reading list and find out more about the Ursa Major awards online at

The Ursa Major Awards are hosted by The ConFurence Group as a method to
promote anthropomorphic fandom. The ConFurence Group was formed in
April of 1999 to continue running the annual convention "ConFurence"
after its original creators stepped down, and to promote anthropomorphic
fandom related events. ConFurence 2003: The Furry West will be held April 25-27 at the Hilton Burbank Airport and Convention Center.

The Awards Committee is chaired by Fred Patten, and includes Kay Shapero
and Rod O'Riley as Committee members. They can be reached at if you have any questions.

Nominations are open to *all* of furry fandom, worldwide. It's only the final ballot voting that is limited to ConFurence members. The final ballots (with the top 5 nominees in each category) will be mailed to pre-registered members of ConFurence starting late January. Ballots must be returned postmarked by March 1, 2003.


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