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Thomas the Tank Engine could traumatize

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Thomas is always up to something, and many of his adventures involve train crashes (minor, of course, with all the engines getting fixed up afterwards and having tea), but a psychologist in England worries it could lead to children having traumatic fears regarding trains and crashes. Dr. Brian Young, who is the Independent Television Commission expert on children's reaction to programs, says, "Thomas the Tank Engine is aimed at a pre-school audience who tend to be more likely to see the programme as reality." ITV, the current maker of the show, responds that they're sure Thomas is suitable for children. Thomas wasn't available for comment.


Your rating: None Average: 3 (3 votes)

i've always had a revulsion to the 'cutsieness' of putting human faces on inanimate objects - perhaps bacause of how that sort of thing was forced on me in infancy. on the other hand thomas trains are better then no trains at all.
and other then the stupid faces they do capture some of the aesthetics of the railway context - just not really all that well.
everything has it's own face and i've always that that spiritualy better the the collective ego of forcing human faces onto everything.
for me the great appeal of anthro critters is that they have critter faces - for me those humanlike faces on things are in the uncanny valley and basicly give me the creeps.
and i'd well immagine them creeping out some poor infant who doesn't yet have sufficient comand of language to fraime a polite objection.
anthro critters riding and running real or could be real 'trains' (guideway based transportation systems) of all sorts (but not with those damd stupid human faces on them) would be way way way mucho mucho better ... ~;)

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