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Hugo finalists announced

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Millenium Philcon (the 59th World Science Fiction Convention) has announced the finalists for the 2001 Hugo awards. The Hugo Award, also known as the Science Fiction Achievement Award, is given annually by the World Science Fiction Society (WSFS). The Hugo Award is sponsored by WSFS, administered by the committee of the World Science Fiction Convention (Worldcon) held that year, and determined by nominations from and a popular vote of the membership of WSFS. In general, a Hugo Award given in a particular year is for work that appeared in the previous calendar year.

The 2001 Hugos will be given in the following categories: Novel, Novellete, Novella, Short Story, Related Book, Dramatic Presentation, Professional Editor, Professional Artist, Semi-prozine, Fanzine, Fan Writer, and Fan Artist. The WSFS also selects the winner of the John W. Campbell best new author award. A full list of the finalists can be read here.

In recent years the WSFS has also used this nomination and voting process to award the Retro Hugos, for works produced before the first Hugos were awarded. This year's voting members will be selecting the 1951 Retro Hugos. A list of those nominees can be read here.


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I really feel sorry for those that have to judge those.

Having to choose between Heinlein's "Farmer in the Sky", E.E. Smith's "First Lensman", Asimov's "Pebble in the Sky", and "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis" for best 1950 novel? Between "Scanners Live in Vain" by Cordwainer Smith, "Okie" by Blish, and "The Little Black Bag" by Kornbluth for Novellette? Which two short stories to throw out of "Coming Attractions" by Leiber, the delightful "The Gnurrs Come from the VoodVork Out" by Reginald Bretnor, and Damon Knight's "To Serve Man"?

As for Dramatic Presentation, well, when I look at the list I find five superb choices too (And I include Rabbit of Seville).

SF has gone downhill...

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Ah yes, the Golden Ages of SF. There was some good stuff back then.

There is good stuff now, too. It's just harder to find since there's so much bad stuff. Especially when most smaller bookstores consider their SF section 'that row of Star Trek and Star Wars novels over there in the back corner.'

I also realized I haven't read a single one of the Hugo-nominated novels for last year (no, not even the Harry Potter novel. Haven't gotten around to picking it up, yet). That's a first. I wonder just what I was reading, last year. ;P

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