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2003 Anthropomorphic Recommended List, 1st posting

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2003 Anthropomorphic Recommended Reading/Viewing List

This third annual Recommended Furry Reading List has two purposes. Firstly, it is open for all Furry fans to recommend the best anthropomorphic movies, TV series, novels, artwork, games, etc. that they found during 2003. It is for fans who want to know what anthropomorphic movies, TV series, novels, etc. are worth looking for. The List is open to anyone to add to, so if you know of any 2003 Furry movies or comic books or comic strips, etc. that are worth recommending, please send your recommendations through the end of 2003 to:

Fred Patten
11863 West Jefferson Boulevard
Culver City, California 90230-6322

Secondly, this List is to be used as a guide for nominations to the 2003 Ursa Major Awards, which will be presented during 2004 for the Best of the calendar year 2003 in the same ten categories on the Recommended List. The List was actually started as an aid to those fans who said, "The Awards sound like a good idea but I don't have the slightest idea what's eligible to be nominated." Read the List and find out what is eligible for the Best of 2003.

The 2003 Anthropomorphic Recommended Reading/Viewing List is also posted at: That website includes links to as many as possible of the recommendated items that have their own entries on the Internet; so if you want to know more about any of them, you can go right to its site.

Some changes have been made in this year's categories, as the result of approved suggestions to improve the List.

The Anthropomorphic TV Series category has been renamed Dramatic Series to include direct-to-video/DVD series releases which are individually shorter than feature (one hour) length. A specific word limit of 40,000 words has been set to divide the Novel and Short Story categories, and the Short Story category has been renamed Short Fiction to encompass all story lengths shorter than Novel. The former Best Comic Book or Strip category has been divided into two separate categories.

Recommended Anthropomorphic Motion Picture

1. 101 Dalmations II: Patch's London Adventure (Disney, January 21, 2003)
2. Finding Nemo (Disney/Pixar, May 30, 2003)

Recommended Anthropomorphic Dramatic Series

1. Lenny and Sid (Toonacious Family Entertainment for direct-to-video/DVD release; 2003 episodes, #1 (February 25) through #?)
2. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles [2003] (4Kids Entertainment Inc./Dong Woo Animation Co., Ltd. for 4Kids' FoxBox Saturday morning block on the FoxKids network; 2003 episodes, Season One, #1 (February 8) through #?)

Recommended Anthropomorphic Novel

1. Brown, Rita Mae, with Brown, Sneaky Pie. The Tail of the Tip-Off. Illustrated by Michael Gellatly. Bantam Books, March 2003.
2. Hunter, Erin. Warriors: Into the Wild. Illustrations, maps. HarperCollinsPublishers, January 2003.
3. Murphy, Shirley Rousseau. Cat Seeing Double; A Joe Grey Mystery. HarperCollinsPublishers, January 2003.
4. Norman, Lisanne. Between Darkness and Light. DAW Books, January 2003.

Recommended Anthropomorphic Short Fiction

1. "A Man's Touch", by Phil Geusz, in TSAT (Transformation Stories, Art, Talk) #26, February-March 2003. (

Recommended Anthropomorphic Other Literary Work

1. Mutant, Texas: Tales of Sheriff Ida Red, by Paul Dini (story) and J. Bone (art). Oni Press, April 2003. (Comic book collection)
2. We All Came Out to Mantra, by Thomas K. Dye. (Newshounds vol. 4) Plan Nine Publishing, March 2003. (Comic strip collection)
3. Herobear and the Kid: The Inheritance, by Mike Kunkel. Astonish Comics, March 2003. (Comic book collection)

Recommended Anthropomorphic Comic Book

1. Animal Farm in Fables, by Bill Willingham (story), Mark Buckingham (pencils) & Steve Leialoha (inks). (DC Comics/Vertigo, five-issue story arc in Fables #6-#10, monthly, 2003 issues include Animal Farm, Part 4 - Fables #9, March 2003 to Part 5 - Fables #10, April 2003)
2. Blacksad, by Juan Diaz Canales (story) & Juanjo Guarnido (art). (Dargaud, irregular, 2003 volumes include v.2, Arctic-Nation, March 22, 2003)
3. Bureau of Mana Investigation, by Smudge (Christina Hanson) & Ed Garcia. (Radio Comix, bi-monthly, 2003 issues from #6, January to #?)
4. Extinctioners, by Shawntae L. Howard. (Shanda Fantasy Arts, irregular, 2003 issues from #12, January, to #?)
5. Les formidables aventures de Lapinot, by Lewis Trondheim. (Dargaud, approx. annual, 2003 volumes include v.9, L'accélérateur Atomique, January 18, 2003)
6. FurNation (FurNation Multimedia, 2003 issues: #3, undated [April] to #?)
7. Furrlough, by various. (Radio Comix, monthly, 2003 issues from #121, January to #?)
8. Genus: Male, by Mike Vega, Daria McGrain, John Barrett & Terrie Smith. (Sin Factory, annual, 2003 issues include #2, January 2003)
9. The Sandman Presents: Bast, by Caitlín R. Kiernan (story) & Joe Bennett (art). (DC Comics/Vertigo, 3-issue limited series, #1/March 2003 - #3/May 2003)
10. Usagi Yojimbo, by Stan Sakai. (Dark Horse, monthly, 2003 issues from v. III #63, January to #?)
11. Vincent et Van Gogh, by Gradimir Smudja. (Delcourt, January 24, 2003)

Recommended Anthropomorphic Comic Strip

1. 1/0, by Tailsteak (Mason Williams). (Comic strip, Internet, daily, 2003 strips from January 1 to May 26)
2. A Doemain of Our Own, by Susan M. Parkin. (Comic strip, Internet, tri-weekly, 2003 strips from January 2 to ?)
3. Faux Pas, by Robert & Margaret Carspecken. (Internet, tri-weekly, 2003 strips from January 1 to ?)
4. Freefall, by Mark Stanley. (Internet, tri-weekly, 2003 strips from January 1 to ?)
5. High Treason, by Laelia & Kern. (Internet, semi-monthly, 2003 strips from February 1 to ?)
6. Kevin & Kell, by Bill Holbrook. (Internet, daily, 2003 strips from January 1 to ?)
7. Master Zen-Dao Meow: The Spiraling Heart, by Patrick Schaefer & Bret Ward. (Internet, tri-weekly, 2003 strips from January 1 (#116) to ?)
8. Newshounds, by Thomas K. Dye. (Internet, daily, 2003 strips from January 1 to January 3; March 3 to ?)
9. Nip and Tuck, by Ralph E. Hayes, Jr. (Internet, weekly, 2003 strips from January 2 to ?)
10. Ozy and Millie, by David Craig Simpson. (Internet, daily, 2003 strips from January 1 to ?)
11. Rainbow's End, by Katie Popp. (Internet, weekly, 2003 strips from February 7 to ?)
12. Scrued, by Melissa Jewell. (Internet, irregular, 2003 strips from January 2 to ?)
13. SpellShocked, by Benjamin Yackley, Charles Caffrey and Mark Freid. (Internet, semi-monthly, 2003 strips from January 1 (#49) to April 1 (#54); from April 28 (#1) weekly by Yackley alone to ?)
14. The Suburban Jungle, starring Tiffany Tiger, by John Robey. (Internet, tri-weekly, 2003 strips from January 1 to ?)
15. Tales of the Questor, by Ralph E. Hayes, Jr. (Internet, weekly, 2003 strips from January 5 to ?)
16. Unicornography, by Tanamin! (Internet, weekly, 2003 strips from January 1 to ?)
17. Wild Angels, by G. Raymond Eddy. (Internet, approx. weekly, 2003 strips from January 3 to ?)
18. The World of Vicki Fox, by Laura Howell & Michael Russell; and Shelley Pleger (#60+). (Internet, semi-monthly, 2003 strips from January 12 (#58) to Jan. 26 (#59); April 13 (#60) to ?)

Recommended Anthropomorphic Fanzine

1. Fur Plus (2003 issues from #17, January, to ?)
2. Fur Visions (2003 issues from #27, January, to ?)
3. South Fur Lands (2003 issues from #28, March, to ?)
4. Yarf! (2003 issues from #66, January, to ?)

Recommended Anthropomorphic Published Illustration

1. Hewitt, Peta. Cover art for South Fur Lands #28, March 2003.
2. Howell, Troy. Cover painting for Firewing, by Kenneth Oppel. Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, February 2003 (U.S. edition).
3. Maltzman, Kacey. Cover art for Fur Visions #27, January 2003.

Recommended Anthropomorphic Game

1. Impossible Creatures. Developer: Relic Entertainment, Inc.; Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios, January 7, 2003.


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