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Shoe-stealing foxes

Your rating: None reports that golf balls aren't the only things being swiped by foxes. In Melbourne, some foxes have taken to stealing shoes and gloves, possibly because of the smell and the leather which they are made from. This habit has been jokingly dubbed "The Imelda Syndrome."


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And if they actually eat the leather, they die from the chemicals that industrial leather is treated with.

So, maybe not such a joke.

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It's obvious what's happening. Foxes started by stealing Golf Balls, but now they've evolved beyond amateur games and there are now secret vulpine Golf courses. Naturally, these have a strict dress code.

Keep an eye on your plus fours, or they'll be gone next!

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I hope these vulpine clubs are not so backward in their thinking as to refuse to allow vixens as members. They're all the more incentive for a dog fox to play a round. Umm, wait, I didn't mean it that way.

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