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2003 Ursa Major Awards online nomination form activated

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The online nominations form for the 2003 Ursa Major Awards has just been activated:

Fans now have the option of nominating online directly, as well as by e.mail or regular mail c/o Fred Patten. Full instructions are on the Ursa Major Awards website. The online nominations form is brand-new, so if anyone discovers any glitches in it, please notify us immediately. Nominations for the 2003 Ursa Major Awards are now open, through March 15. The 2003 Recommended Anthropomorphics List on our website has been updated, for use as a suggestion guide for what to nominate. Please remember that a title does not have to be on the Recommended List to be eligible if it was first published during 2003. Some examples include the "Silverwing" TV cartoon series on Canadian TV; the movies "Good Boy!", "Looney Tunes: Back in Action" and "Dr. Seuss' The Cat in the Hat"; and the Other Literary Work short-story collections of Ted R. Blasingame's online "Blue Horizon" stories which were published at the very end of the year (

We hope to get enough nominations to end up with a very meaty and meaningful Final Ballot to send out during April.


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