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Ursa Major Awards nominations close in two weeks

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Nominations close on March 15th for the 2003 Ursa Major Awards, for the best in anthropomorphic literature and art first published, broadcast, or released during 2003. If you have been waiting to decide what you want to nominate, time is running out. The final ballots, listing the top five nominees in each category, will be sent out at the beginning of April. The Awards will be presented at C-ACE in Ottawa in June.

For instructions on how to nominate, and to use the online nominations form, go to the Ursa Major Awards website.

Please remember that the Awards are for Furry novels, movies, TV series, comic strips, fanzines, games, etc. first published during January through December 2003. In the case of serial works such as comic books and strips, or TV series, there must have been at least one new issue or episode first published during 2003. Older works, including 2003 reprints of older works, are not eligible; with the exceptions that 2003 English-language translations of works first published before 2003 in other languages qualify as new works. If you have any questions about eligibility, please contact us.


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