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Hey Y'all!

Head Cat KO here, and let me tell you that it's been one heck of a month of Meet planning here in Huntsville!

We've got most of the details squared away, the website is almost complete and the site is about to have a whole new look as well... This year we have ALL the main function rooms of the hotel, which means we should basically take over the place for the entire weekend. We're doubling our function space for the Meet from last year.

For 2004 we've added an ART SHOW, Chestnut Stallion and Raczoon's Traveling LAN Show, a room devoted entirely to Yotewah's Spirituality events, and the Dealers' Den will be in the biggest room of the hotel!

All the information you could want to read may be found at the RCFM website:, but a quick guide to what's going on this year can be found in the RCFM newsletter, The ROCKET.

I considered posting the newsletter itself, but it's SO informative, SO full of new stuff and SO well put together by Adria Amberwolf and Alexander Katz that we simply have to reference the URL and let you read it on the website!

URL? What was that URL again? is where you can find The ROCKET.

So make your plans if you haven't already. Get that registration sent in and call for your hotel reservations, because this year is going to be one wild ride!

(Disclaimer: RCFM cannot be held responsible for the actions of Jugular Jaguar. Meet participants are warned not to get in the wildcat's path or we may all be laughing at your expense...)

See you here in May! :D

Head Cat
Rocket City FurMeet


Your rating: None Average: 5 (2 votes)

Well, it was *supposed* to be a weekly newsletter, but we've been so busy with the actually planning of the Meet that the information dissemination has been falling behind. A new issue should be forthcoming pretty soon. ;)

Head Cat
Rocket City FurMeet

Rocket City FurMeet

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