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Ursa Major Awards: Lost fans

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Final ballots for the Ursa Major Awards were mailed on 2 April. Many votes are coming in, but we are also getting several envelopes returned by the Post Office as "undeliverable". The reasons on the P.O. stamps are mostly "Moved; no forwarding address", "Undeliverable as addressed; unable to forward"; and "No such address". These are ballots that were requested by attendees of Conifur Northwest last September, so some of them have apparently moved since then. We may have misread some of the handwritten addresses on other requests.

If any of the following fans who requested a ballot read this notice, please send your mailing addresses immediately to fredpatten[AT]earthlink[DOT]net, so we may re-mail your ballot to your current address while there is still time for you to vote.

This goes for anyone else who would like to vote for the 2003 Ursa Major Awards. Send your request for a ballot with your mailing address to fredpatten[AT]earthlink[DOT]net. The paper ballots each have an individual security code, so it is not possible to vote by e.mail.

Gregg Baker
Patrick E. Bright
James James
Craig Lavaller
Thomas Looney
Trey McElveen
Dan Moesel
Vanessa Pridgen
Stuart A. Royan
Chris Sefton
Chad Shoose
Tiger Wolf


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