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Ohio Morphicon May Newsletter

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Ohio Morphicon May Newsletter
June 25-27, 2004 / Columbus, OH

-- Winner of T-shirt Contest Announced!
-- Charity Changed: Animal Adoption Foundation
-- Hotel Reservation Guarantee Ends Thursday (June 3)
-- Morphicon's Performance Events*****

Winner of T-shirt Contest Announced!

We had many great entries for our t-shirt and conbook art contest, so it was difficult to select a winner. But someone had to win, and this year it was Babs! Thanks to Babs for her wonderful submission.

Our website has recently been updated with new information, including the winning t-shirt entry! You can see the it at

Those who entered the contest but didn't win will be featured in our conbook. They'll also receive a free quarter-page ad, if they want. Thanks again to all those who entered!


Charity Changed: Animal Adoption Foundation

Due to recent concerns regarding the practices of the charity we previously selected, we have switched our charity for 2004 to the Animal Adoption Foundation (, a Southwestern Ohio-area no-kill shelter established in 1977. The AAF is currently seeking donations to help build a larger shelter to save more needy animals.

Proceeds from donations to our raffle, the silent art auction, and the pet store game will go to benefit the AAF directly. We consider the AAF to be a quality charity worthy of our support. The AAF is excited to be partnering with our convention, and both AAF and Morphicon look forward to this year's charity events.


Hotel Reservation Guarantee Ends Thursday (June 3)

Be sure to reserve your room now to guarantee the Ohio Morphicon room rate! The Ohio Morphicon room rate is a low $69/night, but this rate is only guaranteed for reservations made by June 3rd, so you'll want to reserve your room now! You can contact the hotel directly at 614-888-7440. Be sure to ask for the Morphicon rate. If you reserve after the deadline, you can try to ask for the Morphicon rate but reservations are not guaranteed.

To register for the convention, visit to register online via PayPal, or alternately, try our mail-in form at (or if unable to read Word documents).


Morphicon's Performance Events

We're looking for furries who are willing to volunteer to be a part of our pre-scripted variety show. Anyone over the age of eighteen is welcome to participate. We have roles both on stage and backstage, for casual dress and fursuiters alike. Send a message to variety show email today if you're interested in being a part of this fun experience.

We also feature a judged Masquerade with prizes for winning entrants, and all ages are invited to participate. The turnout will probably be small, so your chances of winning a prize are good! Morphicon's Masque will accept costumes that have appeared at other conventions, so feel free to showcase your creation a second time with us.

In addition to the Masque and Variety Show, Steve Plunkett will be hosting a very special puppet show to commemorate ten years of furry puppetry. You won't want to miss it!


For questions, concerns, and more up-to-date info:

See you at the con!



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