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The Rocket: newsletter for all things RCFM

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The Rocket (Rocket City Furmeet newsletter)

Version 3.14
Edition 1

What's inside:
- RCFM 2.0 review
- RCFM 3.14 Evening Gnus, Dessert Orgy, dance, Kappucino Korner,
- Guests of Honor and Panelists of honor
- Pre-Registration info
- Predator and Prey discount Rocket

Version 3.14
Edition 1

Ground Control to Major KO.

Rocket City Furmeet is a go for 2005.

All systems calibrated.
Begin Countdown.
T minus 295 days and counting.

Can you hear me Major KO?

***begin transmission***

RCFM 2.0 was a successful mission. One hundred thirty-nine
adventurous furs joined us on our second flight. Everyone had quite
a blast. We had an awesome dance, starting of with energetic Jazz,
mixed in with one of our DJ's playing some original music, and
ending in some tunes just right for dancing. Our hospitality suite
stayed busy with our skilled staff running it full blast and keeping
good food ready for hungry furs. Our Artists' Alley was open 24/7
and was full of artists doing what they do best. The gameroom had
plenty of video games and card games going. Our Dealers' Den was
booked full with well-known furry merchants. Our security staff was
ready and prepared for any emergencies, if needed, but luckily, they
had time to kick back and relax. Our Guests of Honor, Tyger Cowboy,
the infamous white Tyger from Mephit FurMeet, and Jim Groat,
from "The West Corner of the Park", were ready and willing to answer
all questions and even sign and autograph or a hundred. The staff
was very pleased with RCFM 2004.

Now, with RCFM Pi, we expect an even bigger crowd. We have such
Guests of Honor as Stick Devil and 2, the Ranting Gryphon. Our
Panelist of Honor is none other than Babs Bunny.
Our Guests of Honor are hosting several discussion panels. We have
planned panels on art and drawing, hosted by Stick Devil. A Musical
Furs Panel and a comedy show are in the stars for 2. Babs Bunny will
have a showing of Coyote Country in the video room at midnight.

Each evening, we will be graced with the Evening Gnus, brought to
you by our own Brody Catsmouth. Mmmm…crunchy fresh gnus….yum. It is
rumored that gnus come with dipping sauce now….*drool*

Now…on to tastier topics. It is rumored that we will be having
another desert orgy this year…after opening ceremonies, provided the
yummy confections don't melt while our Head Cat is mewing…

Later in the evening on Friday we have a dance, hosted by our own DJ
Wolfie, DJ WolfBear, and DJ Heros. DJ Wolfie and DJ WolfBear will be
playing dance tunes, getting everyone in the mood for fun. DJ Heros
will soon take the spotlight with some of his original compositions.
Yes, you heard us right…ORIGINAL! Wow!

There are lots of fun events planned during the daytime too. The
gameroom looks to be bigger and better and our Games Master Kakiro
is very pleased with the plans. The puppet shows are already planned
and our PuppetMaster OldFreek is ready to entertain you with lots of
Don't furget our Fursuit events! Fursuit Furtography!

Oh! We are also having an Art Show, as per tradition, and our
Variety Show!

Annnd….in the morning, we have KO's Kappuccino Korner. Wake up right
to a fresh hot mug of our Head Cat's famoue, or is it Infamous?,
seven-step cappuccino!

Pre-reg now! See website for special pre-reg prices on ALL
attendance levels!
We are offering a new Predator/Prey discount. Just bring along
someone who has never been to RCFM and you both get a discount on

This year we are offering rooms in the same grrreat hotel. Located
on South Parkway, the Radisson Suites Hotel is central to many
restaurants, shopping centers, and movie theatres! The Radisson
comes equipped with a nice pool and a whirlpool. We also have the US
Space and Rocket Center to visit.

RCFM Pi is looking to be nothing short of a good time! Make yer
furry plans now!

Visit our website ( for further details and information.

***end transmission***


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Retraction: For the Predator/Prey deal, only the Predator gets the discount.

Sorry for the inconvenience,

Brody Catsmouth
co-chair, RCFM

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