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Califur Newsletter - Summer 2004

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Well, Califur.1 is Pleased to Announce our Theme, "The Islands" and we
are also pleased to introduce you to our new Mascots, Jonas and Sierra,
drawn by the wonderful A. Husky, who also does the Webcomic "Fur-piled"

I am also Pleased to Announce our Artist Guest of Honor, Brian Wear, who helped us out Greatly, with our Art Needs for Last Years Con.

And For those who couldn't make it to Califur, or who missed out on the
Pictures, we also have a Gallery on-line, everyone feel free to take a

Keep your Eyes and Ears peeled for an announcement from us, within the next month we will be announcing our New Venue, and opening our Registration System up

Robert Johnson
Chairman Califur.1


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Glad to hear this! I had fun (Cannon's in a few pics)... and look forward to attending in 2005.

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Sierra's pretty! (I wouldn't comment on Jonas myself, although he looks friendly.)

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