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Califur CF2.2 News

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Califur is the latest furry fandom event to hit Southern California,
and we need YOU to help us make it the best! Califur has positions
open for STAFF and VOLUNTEERS, with plenty of opportunities for furry
fans with ambition and drive. We have several cool ideas we're
working on for events and other activities at Califur Two (May 5-6-7
in Costa Mesa). Things like:

· Our new favorite - The Pet Auction
· Life Drawing workshops
· How-To Workshops for Fur Suit Making, Art, and Animation
· A DDR competition
· The Cabaret

… and many others. But all of these things and more will only happen
if we have the Staff and Volunteers to help organize them. That's
where you come in! Have ideas? Have energy? Sign on as part of

Visit for more information. See you this May!

Robert K. Johnson Jr
Chairman - FENEC Adventures
Califur Volunteer Lead


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Have enjoyed all the Califurs, and will be there this year.
HOWEVER... Do not expect much info from their website except dates and hotel info. It has not been updated for months. The forums do not get responded to by the con folks. And my emails to the site have never been answered.
With only a few weeks left, I hope they have time to get the word out (and on the website).

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