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Morphicon August 2006 Newsletter!

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***Morphicon August 2006 Newsletter***

Morphicon 4: "TechnoFurs" May 18-20, 2007
Radisson Columbus-Worthington, OH
Honoring: Steve Plunkett, Summer Jackson, and Kitt Foxx

In this issue:

* Guests of Honor for 2007 Announced
* Morphicon 2006 Free Fall Picnic!
* NEW Morphicon Group and Emails
* Registration and Dealers' Tables Open
* Schedule of Future Events

(read on...)**************************************

<< Guests of Honor for 2007 Announced >>

Morphicon is proud to announce our Guests of Honor for 2007.

Steve Plunkett has been involved with furry since 1993, and has attended over 30 furry and furry-related conventions. He has been a staff member with Morphicon as the director of our Variety Show for the past three years, and staff at Midwest FurFest and Further Confusion. He is most well-known for advancing the art of puppetry within furry fandom. More recently he has started working with fursuit constriction. Even though he's "one of our own", we felt this honor was overdue, and we're very pleased to name him as a GoH.

Summer Jackson is a popular furry artist who has appeared in numerous furry publications, including Gallery, Yarf, and Furrabian Nights.

Kitt Foxx is a furry artist and an accomplished costumer, currently living in California. He was also the winner of our t-shirt contest last year!

We'll have more information on Summer and Kitt in an upcoming release.


<< Morphicon 2006 Free Fall Picnic! >>

Once again, our annual picnic returns! Come celebrate the beginning of our fourth convention year and stuff yourself with delicious food.

When: Sept. 2 (Saturday), 10am at Sharon Woods.
Details: Sirloin burgers, hot dogs, pork chops, sodas, and sides will be provided free courtesy Morphicon, but feel free to bring your favorite side dishes if you like. The con will occupy a shelter, and provide the fire.


<< NEW Morphicon Group and Emails >>

The Morphicon Group location has changed! We're now located at:

Join to chat with other attendees and supporters, find ride and room-share, and hear about any changes to our upcoming events.

Also, the staff emails will be changing to gmail accounts. The following emails are currently active for any questions you might have:

ConCom Chair (Max Goof): morphicon.chair AT
Operations (Pelzig): morphicon.operations AT
Publications (Kattywampus): morphicon.publications AT
Programming (Ostrich): morphicon.programming AT
Registration (Jewel): morphicon.members AT

Although not all of the remaining staff positions are yet announced, the following emails are also actively being checked by executive officers:

Dealers: morphicon.dealers AT
Gophers (Volunteers): morphicon.gophers AT
Charity Donations: AT

For questions about Morphicon Corporation itself, email morphicon.board AT


<< Registration and Dealers' Tables Open >>

The online registration system is now open:

(Trickster notes: it's also much easier to use this year!)

Dealers tables are also available. Contact morphicon.dealers AT if you're interested in being a dealer. Prices are comparable to last year, so tables are cheap and won't last long!


<< Schedule of Future Events >>

After the picnic, here are the local events Morphicon has currently scheduled for the 2006-2007 convention year:

Zoo Day
When: Sept. 24 (Sunday), 9am at the Columbus Zoo.
Details: $3 for parking, $10 for admission. Meet other furries at the main gate at 9 am.

Ohio Renaissance Festival
When: October 15 (Sunday), 11am at the 'fest (Harveysburg, OH).
Details: $2 for parking, $17 for admission. Meet at the front entrance at 11 am.

Thanksgiving Potluck Feast
When: November 12 (Sunday), 1 pm at Sharon Woods.
Details: Carry-in dishes. Join the Morphicon Group to better plan what to bring! We'll also have a Thanksgiving style battle between savages and religious zealots (using foam weapons).

Furry Xmas Shopping
When: December 9 (Saturday), 3pm at Polaris.
Details: Wander through the malls, window-shop and actual-shop. We'll go from Polaris to Tuttle Crossing and end up at Easton, to see the lights after dark.

OHS Museum
When: January 14 (Sunday), noon at the main entrance.
Details: Learn about Ohio history. Indian massacres, horrible murders, political scandals, natural disasters, and more! $4 parking. $7 admission.

Mongolian BBQ
When: February 10 (Saturday), 5pm at the Sawmill Road BD's.
Details: A favorite furry hangout. Expect to pay around $20 for a full meal.

The March March
When: March 11 (Sunday), Noon at Sharon Woods.
Details: Come for a hike through the woods at the beginning of Spring.

April Apocalypse!
When: April 14 (Saturday), time and place TBA.
Details: Make foam swords, and hit one another with them! $5 for supplies, or bring your own.

Pre-Con Workdays
When: April 28 and 29 (weekend), time and place TBA.
Details: Bag stuffing party! Sign making, conbook stapling, data entry, badge pressing, shopping, inventories, and other useful things to do. We'll know more about what we need as we get

Morphicon 4: "TechnoFurs" May 18-20, 2007
Radisson Columbus-Worthington, OH

Email morphicon.programming AT for more information on specific events. Or, for more up-to-date information on schedule changes, join the Morphicon Group!


See you in May, and stay furry!



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It should say that Steve Plunkett was a staff member (and founder) at Midwest Furfest, not Mephit Furmeet. (I get those two names confused at 3 am...)


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