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Would-be murderers sentenced

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Shaun Skarnes, who has been sentenced to three and a half years imprisonment for attempted murder

Shaun Skarnes and Christopher Monks, who last July were found guilty of conspiracy to murder, have today been sentenced.

Skarnes and Monks - furries known under the names of Kyra and Rox Yin online - had previously met on a furry website and become close friends, with the latter often complaining about how his overly-protective parents treated him, and how he wanted them out of his life.

The pair then conspired to murder the couple in their sleep. The plan very nearly achieved fruition, when Mr Chrisopher Monks found Skarnes brandishing a kitchen knife at him. Mrs Elizabeth Monks managed to calm Skarnes down and call the police.

Skarnes has been sentenced to three and a half years in jail; while Monks has been sent to hospital under the Mental Health Act - being a severe sufferer of Asperger's Syndrome. Monks' parents remain supportive of their son and believe he did not intend any malice.


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The way I interpret it, this seems to be a case of Skarnes playing the role of the manipulative friend, and Monks the victim unfortunate enough to fall under his control. It's very fortunate no-one was harmed. I can only wonder what motive Skarnes had for acting as he did.

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The way I see it is two mentally handicapped kids tried to kill the parents and the media thought blaming it on them being furries would get more ratings.

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Arro, you're wrong. Shaun was not one to mastermind something like this, he was taken advantage of, and stupidly gave into this idiot.

I hate them both.

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You're right Esqui, I got my names mixed up. I meant to say it the other way around.

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hate is such a strong word here. maybe severe dislike? but how does one hate another living being if one has never met said being?

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i know skarnes and he is not a bad person. i went to school with him. he has clearly lost his way though and i can not believe what possesed him to do this

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