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Furry-themed 'Project Aurora' wins Latvian indie game award

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Last month, Project Aurora: Moonrise (review - video preview) – a 3D action/adventure game featuring a sword-swinging fox, Shade – took first place in the BRSD 2 competition, winning Latvian indie developer EanFox/Nauris Abolins 100 lati (~US$185). [tip: ostin/]

EanFox, 17, who started the game two years ago, plans a patch to fix bugs and improve the game's ending (which was rushed for the contest) and is considering a sequel.

The game uses the Game Maker software, and draws from Creative Commons-licensed music on Newgrounds.

Game Maker is used by several other games potentially of furry interest, including:
Delta One – following an anthropomorphic mouse spy, on his final mission
Blackfoot – a weasel-based platformer (preview) that has you dashing through the wilderness to retrieve tasty eggs

The Game Maker community itself is currently embroiled in a controversy over decompilation of its games for Apple's iOS – although some claim the issue is the potential for a competing compiler, complicating the original developers' plans to monetize Game Maker games on various platforms.


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Huh. I think I might give this a whirl.

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Graphics got that old Super Nintendo Star Fox feeling to them.

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The creator is a fan of the old-school low-polygon stuff - though I suspect he'd enjoy the chance to add a few more.

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He made it work, it ran smoothly, particularly the platforming parts, the combat needs a bit of tweeking, too many enemies necessitate a run and gun strategy. Only the the bosses required melee, and doing the one that could fight back was a pain, but I found a way to trick it to my advantage (while doing this he also glited and jumped through a side wall and got stuck, which helped my chances immensely)

If he's going to continue I would suggest trying to introduce an enemy type where the player would find the sword preferable. But as far as wanting to live through the levels, swordplay is suicide as it stands.

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I tried playing, but all I got was a blank screen.

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