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Fox shoots hunter in Belarus

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In an ironic twist of fate that seems straight out of fiction, a hunter in the Eastern European country of Belarus was reportedly shot with his own gun by a fox he was hunting.

The "fantastic" fox involved happened to pull the trigger of the hunter's rifle at the right moment, when the hunter tried to finish it off with the butt of the rifle. The hunter is recovering in a hospital from a gunshot wound to the leg, while the fox, though previously injured in the ordeal, has retreated to the woods.


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HA! Congrats to the fox.

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You do realize you are happy that a man was injured right?
That's kinda sick.
What if the bullet splattered his brains instead? Would you still be happy?

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Oh I would be!
I wish all hunters to die. It would slightly help our pathetic gene pool.

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As a wildlife biologist, I could make a mention of species balance and the roll of man by strict guidelines as determined by a creel census, but I doubt you would understand or even listen.

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I don't thing he would, most people that think humans are terrible go, "baww humans suck" without legitimate reason, as for me I don't like society as a whole because the group that is the majority enforces a norm onto minorities and that society in of itself is neither beneficial or detrimental to the individuals, but I still don't hate people but rather the normalization effect. Also how no matter what group is the majority they still enforce the norm regardless, such as the homo-normative effect in the furry fandom and how it's viewed by many as a requirement even though sexuality is not a you can only be one option, but rather a spectrum as described by kinsey.

As for me I'd actually be interested. I personally think that people have been detrimental to the ecosystem, but as technology progresses we are slowly learning how to be more efficient in our use of resources like tree farming and how most mines are not strip mines, but rather underground mines. I think over the next fifty years as a whole we will learn slowly that you don't need to strip our resources bare in order to live comfortably and that over time we will learn coexistence.

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Also too bad that hunter didn't die. One less retard in the world.

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As a wildlife biologist, I could make a mention of...

Ah fuck it. No one's going to listen anyway.

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I'd listen, I'm supposed to be a jack-of-all trades and patch-work scientist.

Note to above anonymous: hunting involves a deal of spirituality and intelligence. If one believes that hunters just kill for the sake of killing or robbing animals of their pelts (there are such hunters, though, but they aren't those I'm talking about), than one must spend time in the wild more often. If man and nature are still close, then only shamans, wildmen and hunters share this link. And a hunter is always respectful towards it's pray: you could interpret his act of trying to knock out the fox with his rifle's but as a gesture of mercy, and also a gesture of respect towards nature, through preservation of the pelt -since bullets would ruin it-.

That, or I'm going too much into lore and metaphors, one thing which I'm not supposed to do.

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Ok let me clear this up. I wasn't happy that a man was injured. I was laughing because of the way he was injured. If he HAD died I don't think it would have been as funny. But because he didn't it was pretty funny. Everyone likes to laugh at the misfortune of others. This is why there is an entire website dedicated to FAILs. I stand by what I said before. Go Fox!

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Despite my previous posts, it is still funny on many fronts. One of them being that the guy was stupid enough to effectively point a loaded rifle at himself. That breaks so many rules of firearm safety that I can't say it not at least a little deserved from that stand point. Also just the fact that a fox managed to pull the trigger on a rifle is pretty awesome.

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Well ...

What if the bullet splattered his brains instead?

It would make a heckuva EC comic.

But nothing compares to this little gruesome tidbit, this. Sounds like something out of a Stephen King short story (actually, readers of horror fiction know it's eerily close to events in the Clive Barker novel Sacrament, which I think a lot of furries could get into.)

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Gruesome but... didn't Catwoman have the same fate? So does this guy become FoxMan? Does he slink down back allies and run back along fences to throw the caped crusader off of his scent?

He must have been REALLY out of it for a wild animal to nibble on him under the assumption he was dead or incapacitated and near enough to death to nibble on.

Tha's healthy eatin' right there! Hobo nose! USually people black out in cemeteries because they're drunk or on drugs. So who knows. But anyway.

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Guy blacked out because he had taken a heavy dose of sleeping pills; it was a suicide attempt.

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Sooooo, the fox was just trying to help? :D

Smile! The world could use another happy person.

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The fox was not available for comment after the event.

We can only conjecture his (or her) motivations.

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This honestly seems too hilarious to be true - which means it probably is. I wish I could have gotten it on video! That would be worth sending into AFV.

We can never overcome that which we never attempt to defeat. Power to the furries!

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This sounds like something from looney tunes.
Be vewy vewy quite I'm hunting foxes huh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh

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Could it be a sign that foxes are becoming sentient?

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The incident was probably an inadverdent mishap that just happened to render poetic justice. Sort of like the Mouse Fire story (whose truth is undetermined) that made the rounds a few years ago.

Not so in the case of one Siberian tiger in a story that took place some decades ago. The tiger, who had no prior history of attacking humans, was being stalked by a poacher, who on one occasion got a shot at the tiger. The tiger was injured but escaped alive. Having caught sight and scent of the poacher, the tiger then tracked down where he slept, and when the poacher next returned, the tiger attacked and killed him. This left a conservation organization who had also been monitoring the tiger in a bit of a quandary as to whether this tiger should now be treated as a "man killer".

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Finally! Justice is served!

This should happen more often.

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Watch The Plague Dogs. Only in that film the man is not shot in the leg...

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I"ve heard that this has happend B4 only with a snake that wrapped it self around the trigger. Also congrats for the fox.

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I MUST see this. 8D

Down with hunters~~~

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So many people are either saying "Haha fox wins, I'm glad the guy got shot" or "you're a horrible person for being glad somebody got shot".

My view is, the guy went into the wilderness packing a firearm, the possibility of shooting himself in the foot (or leg) was always on the table, it's a risk he knew he was taking, and some fox in the process of defending itself made good on that risk.

Nobody died here, just a fox and a human engaging in deadly combat and somehow both ending up alive and injured at the end. I may vehemently disagree with sport hunting as a horrendously unethical, repugnant, and ill-advised pursuit, but I'm not going to sink to wishing death upon those who choose that path or rejoicing when they do die.

Smile! The world could use another happy person.

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Well, this shows why there are so many firearm safety procedures. And it kinda shows why you should carry a long knife with you while hunting, instead of improvising with the gun-but (especially if it's a hunting rifle using slug ammunition. I haven't seen any to bear safety locks, since they're one-shot or two barreled).

You could view this story from any point, either cheering that the fox resisted and lived, either laughing at the hunter for being shot by pray not as intelligent as him, or comparing this to a struggle between two animals in which both try to survive in the long run (though it didn't end with either dead).

I'm not going to cheer on any of them, and this ain't the first firearm accident in the history of mankind. It is one funny story to tell, though, and it might be a good generator for those old-time popular stories that grandparents used to tell.

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Note/Edit: if you want to be a little metaphoric, you could also compare it to David and Goliath.

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Granted, firearm accidents do happen all of the time. However, I own two single-shot bolt-action rifles and a semi-automatic shotgun, and they ALL have safety switches on them. Having a safety switch to disengage the trigger has been standard procedure since the 1920s or '30s. My shotgun was factory built in 1951 and it even has a safety. This sounds mostly like an awry hunting mishap (as I posted on the story site earlier) that one would most likely read in the Darwin Awards. :3 As I have often said, "Stupidity should be painful."

We can never overcome that which we never attempt to defeat. Power to the furries!

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Actually, I am quite amused he got shot. He was trying to kill the fox, the fox shot him. In my opinion, he deserved it. If he died, I would still think it was funny. Not because I think all hunters should be removed from the gene pool, quite the opposite, overpopulation happens. I just don't care much for fellow humans, especially compared to animals.

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