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Formic Hivemind indicted by grand jury

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Formic Hivemind, charged in April with sexually abusing a boy he met over the internet, has been indicted on nineteen charges by a Monroe County grand jury.

It is alleged that Formic Hivemind (the online alias of 19-year-old Richard J. Kretovic) abused the 12-year-old boy after meeting him through Xbox Live. The indictments handed down by the grand jury are for nine counts each of the felonies of first-degree criminal sexual acts and second-degree sexual abuse, and one count of endangering the welfare of a child.

Kretovic is currently free on $50,000 bail. A date for his appearance in Monroe County Court or the state Supreme Court has yet to be set.


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Formic Hivemind was sentenced last Friday to six months in jail (though he'll probably be out soon), a month after "Operation Game Over" was announced, which saw 3,580 registered New York state sex offenders banned from various online games.

Sad case all round, really - there's a reasonable argument that the guy (who has been diagnosed with Aspergers') didn't fully understand the consequences of his actions.

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