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Animals on Wall Street: Not Just Bulls and Bears

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We've all heard of bull and bear markets, but did you know there are many other animals used to represent stock market behaviors and the players that bring them about? The use of animals to describe behavior on Wall Street dates at the least to the 18th century, according to this article on NPR, which includes a list of several other animal terms.


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Pointless and irrelevant.

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I think the NPR article is interesting and that the list of animals and their definitions would make a good Jeopardy category.

Thank you, Alex. I'll take "Animals of Wall Street" for $1oo.

Furthermore, it gave me a new word, abecedary, for my vocabulary when the author wrote, "Here then is a Wall Street abecedary bestiary." I never heard that one before. I'm coming closer to my lifetime goal of becoming a pundit. :)

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