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November 2011 Newsbytes archive

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Last month, some things happened. Here is an archive of them.

Rainstar: Found an article written by an LSU student on furries. Good read in my opinion.

GreenReaper: Puss in Boots took US $34 million this weekend.

Rakuen Growlithe: Only known white kiwi survives surgery.

dronon: Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 includes Rocket Raccoon.

Fred: In these economic downturn times, more people rent out sheep or goats as lawn mowers, or teach raising your own chickens for food.

GreenReaper: For some reason now redirects to Maybe to do with this?

GreenReaper: And now to YouTube. Hacked?

Equivamp: Do a barrel roll.

Equivamp: Ukraine is preparing for a football championship ... by the slaughter of countless stray cats and dogs via poisoning, shooting and even burning them alive. To help stop this, you can sign this petition at

Fred: Sperm whales exhibit real learning ability and culture, not just instinct.

GreenReaper: Brits think children are ‘becoming feral’.

GreenReaper: Meet the saber-tooth squirrel.

Fred: Aggressive wild turkeys become a menace on Staten Island.

GreenReaper: WSJ on bronies - furries next?

Rakuen Growlithe: The actual WSJ article.

dronon: Puss in Boots is a simple, fun movie, worth seeing. Very little toilet humor, no pop culture references, an acrobatic female cat foil for Puss, and other interesting characters. Worth seeing!

Fred: Science studies how a bird flock of thousands can maneuver in a tight formation in midair without individuals colliding.

Fred: Can't defecate for 4 to 6 weeks? The animal husbandry of rearing rare okapis in zoos.

GreenReaper: The 3DS's Super Mario 3D Land helps out struggling players with a ”super-powered invincible Tanooki getup”. (Mario also has a furry shadow in the box art.)

Fred: Western black rhino is now extinct in the wild; the only remaining alive are in zoos.

Fred: British patrolman’s car breaks down because squirrel hides hundreds of acorns in its airpipe..

Rakuen Growlithe: Wikifur is mentioned as one of 5 terrifying bastardizations of the Wikipedia model.

Rakuen Growlithe: @Fred: It says Western black rhinos in West Africa, not all black rhinos everywhere.

Rakuen Growlithe Some male marsh harriers pretend to be females.

Higgs Raccoon: Gay penguins at Canadian zoo to be forcably separated to encourage breeding with females.

GreenReaper: Mexican grey wolf advocates dress up for All Souls’ Day (pictures). [fenris_lorsai]

GreenReaper: Scientists mull conservation triage.

Higgs Raccoon: PETA attacks Nintendo over fur-wearing Mario.

GreenReaper: No comic-book ending for writer Bill Mantlo. [Oliver/a.f.f.]

Fred: Why geese are monogamous.

Fred: NATO, airports hire falcons to protect planes from gulls & geese.

Fred: Ancient Egyptians worshiped animals and mummified them, to the point of extinction of some species.

Rakuen Growlithe: Rather surprisingly, there are cat agility contests.

Fred Missing Israeli painted frog reemerges after 50+ years.

Rakuen Growlithe: Even famous scientist/atheist blogger PZ Meyers knows about furries.

mwalimu: Sci-fi/Fantasy author Anne McCaffrey passed away yesterday (11/21). She was 85 years old.

Fred:Can the bulldog be saved?

GreenReaper: We now syndicate In-Fur-Nation, which includes unmatched news on new media releases of interest to furry fans. Thanks, Rod!

GreenReaper: Bunnies test augmented lens.

Fred: Starlings, more starlings and still more starlings!

crossaffliction: Earlier this year, PoE died. PoE-News seems to be on life support; the front page hasn’t updated this month and the forums are unreachable.

crossaffliction: Confirmation.

Rakuen Growlithe: A wandering wolf is becoming famous in Oregon.

Equivamp: Yesterday, FurNation suffered a "massive drive failure". The chatroom, however, is still online.



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Earlier this year, PoE died. PoE-News seems to be on life support; the front page hasn’t updated this month and the forums are unreachable.

Apparently there's just not enough evil in the world nowadays. Furries, on the other hand . . .

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Nah, just the Internet no longer things with Portals, only Googles.

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Perhaps so – though as the author of the Portal portal on Wikipedia, I find this regrettable!

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Actually, it seems to be a case of the original site owners got bored and abandoned the site, and the new guy couldn't handle it.

PoE-News, anyway.

PoE was realizing the threat of a possible lawsuit could actually work if the wrong person got really offended.

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