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December 2011 Newsbytes archive

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A little late this month because I hit the wrong button submitting it the first time. Whoops.

Fred: Poop-throwing chimps lead to human intelligence.

Higgs Raccoon: Turtle embryos ‘talk’ egg to egg.

Equivamp: Nature’s ant-repellant is produced by spiders.

GreenReaper: Osprey devours lion in massive foodchain shakeup.

Higgs Raccoon: Utah duck hunter shot in buttocks by his dog.

GreenReaper: Does PayPal hate FA users? No, just bestiality and digital porn .

GreenReaper: Edinburgh Zoo critics claim imported pandas are ‘commodities in a primarily commercial exchange’.

GreenReaper: Inkbunny is suffering a broken switch.

Rakuen Growlithe: In India a mass electrocution kills 140 flamingoos.

GreenReaper: The IB problem affected many sites, and was fixed 4 hours later.

dronon: You call that a Christmas tree? Now THIS is a Christmas tree!

GreenReaper: You can now download the latest furry podcasts straight from our sidebar.

GreenReaper: Edinburgh’s pandas have arrived.

GreenReaper: Flayrah’s LJ feed is out; problems on their end. Try RSS, Twitter or Facebook!

crossaffliction: What the heck is this nine nominees crap, Annies? And no Winnie the Pooh, but Cars 2? … Okay, I’m just mad I’m wrong.

crossaffliction: I'm so mad I can't even count; that's 10.

Fred: The leaproach; a cockroach that can jump fifty times its own body length.

GreenReaper: Russians plan woolly mammoth clone.

crossaffliction: Help Rango get a Best Picture nomination, win a free DVD!

Rakuen Growlithe: In Japan the oldest dog in the world has just died. It was 26 years and nine months.

GreenReaper: Hungry polar bears resort to cannibalism.

Fred: A coming ‘Wind in the Willows’ musical is announced. Does anyone remember the 1998 'Fantastic Mr. Fox' opera, which crashed & burned?

GreenReaper: Ants for Living - an animation. [siskmaret/reddit]

GreenReaper: Rats empathize with trapped cagemates (report).

GreenReaper: Cat raises almost as much money with its toes as a year of furry conventions.

GreenReaper: We now have a feed to support Google’s “Editor’s Picks”. It's star-based, so consider content quality when rating stories.

GreenReaper: Authors will also be named on Google News if they link their Google+ profile in their Flayrah account and mark themselves as Flayrah contributors on G+.

GreenReaper: DailyFurBlog added to the footer.

GreenReaper: New York police halt ticketing of costumed characters. [Rapid T. Rabbit]

Fred: Orphaned baby sloths? Awww, cute!

Rakuen Growlithe: Previously stray cat becomes third richest in the world after inheriting $13 million.

Equivamp: Previously, I reported that FurNation was down, although with a placeholder explaining its downtime. Now, however, there is only a "Site offline, no cached version available" message from its server, CloudFlare.

Fred: Anthropologists find that the age-old conflicts between humans and snakes has affected the evolution of both.

GreenReaper: England will start trial culls of badgers to combat bovine tuberculosis next year.

Fred: Some spiders have not only eight eyes, but hundreds of ears.

crossaffliction: Kung Fu Panda 2 director Jennifer Yuh Nelson on becoming an animator.

GreenReaper: Meat-poor Madagascans turn to local lemurs for food after taboos break down.

Higgs Raccoon: Baby fur seal sneaks into house, then settles down to nap on the couch.

Equivamp: Did you know you can Nyan any website...even Flayrah. Go on, do it. You know you want to.

Fred: Institute of Health report: Research on chimpanzees is “not worth the pain”.

Higgs Raccoon: Bearded dragon plays game on touch-screen phone.

GreenReaper: Editors’ picks are working on Google News. I've also added a bar to draw attention to in-depth features and reports.

GreenReaper: Does species determine your dating?

Twilight Shadow1: The results of the Summer 2011 International Furry Survey have been posted.

Rakuen Growlithe: Pigeons can sort groups of objects from highest to lowest.

GreenReaper: WillFC have religious protesters? [tip: Jim/SpinDizzy]

GreenReaper: The NatGeo furry episode airs 9PM Eastern Jan 3. [cloudchaser_s]

Fred: Florida’s Congressional delegation wants to ban import of Burmese pythons and other nonnative giant snakes.

dronon: Merry Christmas, everyfur! :-)

dronon: And just in time for the holidays, here's a new story fromPlonq! (Writer Guest of Honor at MFM 2000.)

Fred: Some university should probably conduct a comparative study of fursuiters and amateur costumed heroes.

dronon: In William and Sly 2, a Flash-based exploration platformer, you play a fox searching for mushrooms and pages from a lost diary.

Fred: Cheetah has died - if he really was Cheetah.

Fred: Australian crocodile steals, guards 'his' lawnmower.

dronon: What if Winnie the Pooh, Christopher Robin, Calvin and Hobbes all grew up and became enemies?

GreenReaper: You can now comment on In-Fur-Nation posts hosted on Flayrah.

Fred: Better information about "the chimpanzees that played Cheetah".

Higgs Raccoon: Chook (Adelaide zoo's lyrebird and YouTube star) has died.

GreenReaper: Tickling: not just for chimps.

GreenReaper: Warnings: not just for humans.

Fred: A recent Los Angeles Times movie-industry blog reveals that the Israeli distributors of Puss in Boots were not sure that title would be popular there, so they renamed the movie The Cat from Shrek.



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One other feature I added last month was a hidden header link to Flayrah's Google+ page.

That link isn't up top for now because the page has no content. Google+ has no way of importing RSS feeds, nor a write API. Given how Facebook just ditched the Notes RSS import feature, I have to wonder whow high it is on Google's list.

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