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September 2010 to September 2011 Newsbytes archive

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GreenReaper: Flayrah is trialling on-site chat (thanks in part to Giza), so let's see how this works . . . and with that, Newsbytes began.

September 2010

Paraducks: Testing on site chat then?
Paraducks: Great googly moogly.
Ringtailed Fox: This is awesome. Real-time news updates. :)
Sonious: Probably to get people to stop yelling at one another in comments and bring it to the spinroom... I mean news room.
Paraducks: This just in: Sonious attacks Flayrah users and hates America, more on this developing story. ;)
Sonious: I hate stairs too... and doctors and lawyers and cops... and the water, and vans. But Steam is alright I guess.
GreenReaper: Steam is corrosive. You should be using Impulse instead!
thegreenreaper: *tests chat updating from another account*
GreenReaper: Ah, excellent. :-)
GreenReaper: Well, that seemed to work . . . once, anyway.
thegreenreaper: Now hopefully it will show the message that you typed!
Sonious: Or I can be a cheap skate and use both and only buy from whichever one provides it cheaper.
Paraducks: Talk about your fishy stories
GreenReaper: Apparently 1/3 of British adults take their teddy bear to bed.
GreenReaper: Fursuits are the new fashion (lying in grass never goes out of style).
Kakurady: GreenReaper, Steam has Sam and Max, Rocket Knight and err... Sonic Spinball. Impulse has... Beyond Good And Evil and Kitten Sanctuary? Not as bad as I thought...
Paraducks: Have somevore.
bersl2: HAHA, oh *WOW.*
GreenReaper: To the fursuit, or the vore?
bersl2: The vore thingy. I think it's the commentator's reaction which makes it funny.
Sonious: When I looked at the pics of the fursuit the first thing that came to mind was "There is no Daina only Zeul!"
Ringtailed Fox: I'm looking for anyone interested in helping me build my website and add content to it like game reviews... if anyone's interested, contact me. :)
Sonious: I stopped programming a while ago. As far as gaming reviews, all I have is a PC and a Wii.
Ringtailed Fox: hmm..
Teddy Foxcoon: What's this?
GreenReaper: It's a chat. :-)
GreenReaper: And a good place to drop stories that might not be worth writing about in depth.
Paraducks: Like so?
J.B. Frithaes: hey, cool.
Sonious: Get your hands off my DS you damn dirty ape. Ever heard of sharing? That gorilla hasn't.
Sonious: Delaware Tea Party primary winner O'Donnell claims that scientists are working on mice with fully functioning human brains. Keith Olbermann replies with Pinky and the Brain jokes.
GreenReaper: IKEA releases cats into store. More at Gizmodo.
Paraducks: Not really news, but the new(ish) Darkwing Duck comic from Boom is flipping awesome. If you've got the extra cash, and a comic book store near buy, you should check it out.
GreenReaper: Pokémon fans got tired of waiting for a live-action film and made their own trailer.
GreenReaper: Meanwhile, two zoo animals re-enact The Lion King.
GreenReaper: The Telegraph decided to have a go at the BBC's science reporting - compared to ours, they both seem verbose.
GreenReaper: (I still like Kakurady's bat article.)

October 2010

Naegling: Members of a certain wolf pack mourn the loss of two of their members. Here’s a link to the story. Here's a link to the story.
Naegling: Also, a tribute video to Deikitsen Wolfram Lupus.
Sonious: Wow... here I was making guesses as to the difficulties they'd have growing up out of that clique... I guess they were already having enough troubles already.
GreenReaper: Behind the scenes at the funfair: "This year we put a guy in a bunny suit with an axe," said Simmons. "It was inspired by furries."
GreenReaper: Not sure how to operate your fox? Try the Fox Manual.
GreenReaper: Furries ruin Oblivion with a NSFW snow-leopard mod.
GreenReaper: Kyell Gold fans might be interested in this interview at Red Furros.
GreenReaper: Rogue just published a book of stories about macro furs.
GreenReaper: Did furs raid this costume archive last Halloween? "Last year, we had a bunch of ‘furries’ in [...] this whole animal rack was depleted. If you came back here, you’d think a bomb had gone off."

November 2010

GreenReaper: Want to adopt a tiger cub? Kinectimals might be up your alley - if you don't mind shelling out for the Kinect.
GreenReaper: Ever find yourself relaxed by gazing at some juicy meat? You may not be alone, according to a researcher at McGill University.
GreenReaper: The BBC just put up some wonderful videos of flocking starlings.
GreenReaper: Even a gruff dog needs love in his life. [coyoty/furries_awesome]
GreenReaper: Feeling hungry? How about some stewed squirrels?
raynevandunem: "Deinen" video was nice. The squirrel dish in the state in which I live, OTOH, was unpleasantly surprising. :-P

December 2010

GreenReaper: Who knew mercury could turn birds gay?
GreenReaper: All aboard the custom-painted doggy train!
GreenReaper: Would you want to be buried as a wolf?
crossaffliction: Australian man marries dog, and Australian newspaper leads story with horrifying pun.
crossaffliction: When awakened by foxes at night, the correct greeting is never to shoot yourself in the arm.
crossaffliction: Plane grounded due to terrier-ist attack.
GreenReaper: This is why you should only travel with cats.
raynevandunem: Website of Operation Payback, a campaign of DDOS attacks on websites of organizations which have made statements or taken actions against WikiLeaks, has had its account suspended due to "furfaggotry," according to Netcraft.
GreenReaper: Let's hope that's just their little joke - Inkbunny uses LeaseWeb for some of its hosting.
GreenReaper: Going to Anthrocon? Time to pre-register.
raynevandunem: r/Furry:New Canadian CGI short by Quebec-based studio Team Cref: Meet Buck.
Paraducks: I know it's drama drama drama livejournal, but is there going to be any comment on the Affinity leaks?
GreenReaper: You're like, a minute late. :-)
Paraducks: FFFFFffffff story of my life.
GreenReaper: An amusing montage of Orangina ads [HappyWulf/reddit]
GreenReaper: Want more documentage? Try this ten-minute montage of clips and interviews.
GreenReaper: Ugly lion cat!
GreenReaper: Smokey the Bear's ads teach us the importance of not burning things. [reddit]
GreenReaper: FA is losing comments again. News at 11.
GreenReaper: Apparently a DB import went awry and comments after Dec 19 are lost.

January 2011

GreenReaper: Ever wondered how they test which dogs go well with cats?
GreenReaper: Apparently fireworks are bad for blackbirds. Who knew?
GreenReaper: Milk? Check. Chocolate? Check. Meerkats? Check! [prrivanus]
GreenReaper: Kyell Gold is currently second in line for a Shorty Award. [DOtter]
GreenReaper: Now the clear leader!
GreenReaper: Leipzig Zoo's latest addition proves Germans have a thing for cross-eyed opossums [chaos386/reddit]
GreenReaper: FNTV's Twiggy offers his own take on moving to Inkbunny.
Twilight Shadow1: It seems to have been overlooked, but the Furcadia app is absent from the (U.S. at least) Apple App Store.
GreenReaper: What happens when you pack too many furs into an elevator? These guys found out at FC. The group was rescued an hour later by the fire department.
Sonious: Kiira during her TLC appearance showed a piece of art of her "fursona". This art apparently belonged to another artist and was traced from FA. Comparison found here
GreenReaper: Haha, wow. Wonder if they can claim copyright violation and get the show taken down? ;-p
Sonious: That and they used some footage from MFM without prior permission as well.
GreenReaper: Apparently furries finally made the Simpsons.
GraemeLion: Actually, the footage from MFM they used was purchased from the news company that made the report in 2007. That was legal.
GreenReaper: Flayrah just moved to Timduru's new super-fast server in Germany, and I've also changed the cache over to Varnish. If you notice problems, drop me a note.
GreenReaper: Example: "stale" lists, comments not posting, rating not available.
GreenReaper: Flayrah summaries are now syndicated by FNN, so don't be surprised if your stories turn up there too.
GreenReaper: In case you missed it, Red Furros has an interview with Blotch.
GreenReaper: Apologies to those who got flooded after clearing the mail blockage.

February 2011

GreenReaper: FC 2011 photoshoot and parade pictures are up [chaos386/reddit]
GreenReaper: In Fayetteville, AR next Saturday? Consider dropping by the Furr Ball (FB). Reduced cover and prizes on offer for costumers. [Golden Zoltan]
GreenReaper: HTTYD won 10 awards at the Annies. [BBC]
GreenReaper: The BBC also has a quiz on 'the surprises of animal sex'
crossaffliction: I got 8/9. I can't believe I missed the question on monogamy!
GreenReaper: There's a trailer up for Hop [123not-it/reddit]
GreenReaper: Did humans really originate from 250-pound bipedal goat-men? [The Onion]
GreenReaper: If you thought killing mice was bad, try poaching wolves. [tip: RingtailedFox]
GreenReaper: Why you shouldn't make exaggerated accusations of hosting child porn. []
GreenReaper: FA admin account compromised through social engineering. News at 11. [tip: Conan]
GreenReaper: "Access denied" and cached pages on login should be fixed, and a weekly newsletter is now available (scroll down).
GreenReaper: Monday is the last day to nominate work for the Ursa Majors.

March 2011

GreenReaper: Remember artificial life sim/game Creatures? The developer is working on a sequel.
crossaffliction: Nat Geo's cover story for March is a write up on the "domesticated" Russian foxes.
GreenReaper: Retro gaming classic meets stop-motion existential doubt in The Fantastic Mr. Star Fox [tip: Starling]
Ringtailed Fox: Foxes and badgers of the UK have a friend in Queen's Brian May (and
Kakurady:Blind guide dog gets his own guide dog [Aww]. (Daily Mail via Jezebel)
GreenReaper: Use Etsy? You might want to check your privacy settings.
Ringtailed Fox: Polish Great Dane gives birth to huge litter - 17 puppes - and all are doing great!
Rakuen Growlithe: Lizard tells elephant to put it down.
GreenReaper: Furs aren't the only group to use fanciful nicknames - or name badges. [BBC]
GreenReaper: Turns out a consistent rating of 1 folds your comments automatically.
Sonious: Who said EncyclopediaDramatica members never taught you anything?

April 2011

GreenReaper: Want a dragon dog?
GreenReaper: We now have autosave for submissions, in case your browser crashes.
Ringtailed Fox: Dog keeps lost boy warm. Courtesy, WDIV-TV Detroit
GreenReaper: Be careful driving in Minnesota - you might find a turkey on your lap. [tip: tanookiman]
Ringtailed Fox: A Montreal firm made a small short involving the mascot of FoxHound of Metal Gear Solid.
GreenReaper: Not happy as male or female? Try moving to Pakistan.

May 2011

crossaffliction: So that's what he was doing there...
GreenReaper: Got a burning question for our readers? Submit a poll!
Rakuen Growlithe: "> This is why people who reply to things often don't seem to have read them .
GreenReaper: Wonder what happened to Palcomix? They're down after a hack attack.
GreenReaper: A man faces a 25-year sentence for killing his wife's Chihuahua after violating California's three-strikes law.
GreenReaper: Stuffed tigers look like the real thing, as British police found out today. [PawFox/reddit]
GreenReaper: Kittens make surprisingly good backpack fillers. [Rakuen Growlithe]
GreenReaper: Remember Furries: An Inside Look? Curt is seeking more interviewees, artists and musicians.
Rakuen Growlithe: A BBC article on science and the environment.
GreenReaper: The BBC describes the process of investigating serial animal killers.
GreenReaper: Scientists are trying to discover the patterns of dolphins' natural language.
Rakuen Growlithe: The movements of owned and unowned cats has now been studied. One feral cat had a more 1,000 acre home range.
crossaffliction: I just submitted my own review, but go read Roger Ebert's review of Kung Fu Panda 2. He calls for a Po/Tigress romance in Kung Fu Panda 3
GreenReaper: How do butterflies deal with sexual harassment? They stop trying to stand out. (Toronto's slut walkers might disagree with the approach.)

June 2011

Ringtailed Fox Several animals survived a horrific EF4/T9 tornado in Oklahoma.
Ringtailed Fox: Stray bear cub and family dog become best friends
Fred: Shrek the Sheep, "the world's most famous sheep,” has died in New Zealand.
GreenReaper: Flayrah now uses rel="author"/"me".
Fred: France is punished by International Court of Justice for failing to protect native wild hamsters.
Rakuen Growlithe: Pack of killer dogs is roaming NE Washington.
GreenReaper: The Wombles will be playing at Glastonbury, much to the chagrin of its organizer. [O./a.f.f.]
GreenReaper: KROQ-FM decided to drop by Califur, with predictable results. [violetvirtue/furrymedia]
Fred: "Animals' most amazing acoustic feats" - a Wired article with sound links of seven animals and the notable roars, grunts, twitters, and other sounds that they make.
Fred: " Pennsylvania Superior Court rules piercing kittens to give them a "goth" look is illegal animal torture.
Higgs Raccoon: Last week was Donald Duck's 77th birthday.
Rakuen Growlithe: Brain implants in rats can improve their memory.
GreenReaper: Apparently keeping cats for charity is tax-deductible.
GreenReaper: Heading to AC this week with an iOS device? Get the AC Info app by Bigfops. Others might like to use Sched. [Giza]
Higgs Raccoon: Some people put furries on a par with "pedophiles, terrorists, anarchists, rapists".
GreenReaper: Just a blogger. I tried to reply yesterday, but WSJ's registration is needlessly complex.
Higgs Raccoon: Sonic the Hedgehog has turned twenty.
Ringtailed Fox: Counter-posted to dispel the Wall Street Journal's misconception on furs...
Fred: Wrong-way Antarctic penguin swims to New Zealand.
Fred: Now the wrong-way penguin has been hospitalized for eating sand, mistaking it for snow .
GreenReaper: Sounds like it's due for a Darwin Award.
GreenReaper: Los Angeles' Board of Supervisors will soon consider a proposal to ban the sale of all pets - from cats and dogs to rats and goldfish.
Fred: says the Kha-Nyou was believed by biologists to have been extinct for 11 million years, until it was discovered being sold live for food in Laotian markets.
mwalimu: A website claims to advertise a new convention, Furry Beach. How many clues can you spot that this site is probably a fake?
GreenReaper: A five-year old boy was mauled to death by what prosecutors are calling a wolf-dog hybrid.
Higgs Raccoon: One of the runways at New York's JFK Airport gets closed due to an invasion of diamondback terrapins looking for a place to lay their eggs.

July 2011

Rakuen Growlithe: Richard Dawkins writes on the question of morality and whether animals can feel pain.
Ringtailed Fox: A sequel to "Snakes on a Plane": Scorpions on a Plane???
Ringtailed Fox: Horse and rider are safe, thanks to the RCMP and First Nations Police, in BC.
GreenReaper: Fans of Jim Henson puppetry and improvised musical instruments might like Emmet Otter's Jugband Christmas 'Barbecue'. [Brandon Ferguson]
Fred: It's San Francisco, not Los Angeles, that is considering a proposal to ban the sale of all pets.
GreenReaper: I wonder if it would apply to pet foxes.
Fred: The proposed ban is supposed to apply to all animals, including cats & dogs, so it should include foxes, too. But reportedly the domesticated foxes are only for sale in Russia, so they would be out of bounds in San Francisco.
GreenReaper: There's a U.S. distributor - I have a friend in Michigan who's getting one.
Rakuen Growlithe: South Korea is toughening up animal cruelty laws.
Fred: reports that weevils have organic nuts & bolts in their hips & legs, not ball & socket joints like other insects & animals.
GreenReaper: Chinese fashion magazine Vision recently published a photo essay on New York furs, including Rapid T. Rabbit. []
GreenReaper: The same photographer had their work published in Greece's Epsilon.
crossaffliction: Rotten Tomatoes is running a thing on talking animals, probably because The Zookeeper is opening tomorrow (which has an impressively bad 13% rotten right now).
Fred: reports that a diver has photographed an Australian fish, a blackspot tuskfish, using a tool (a rock) to smash open a clam to eat.
crossaffliction: Owl makes a painful and embarassing mistake, and is given away by "powder down".
Paraducks: Equestria Daily interviewed the current director of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (quest for a longer title [tournament edition {HD}]). Even if you hate the show, it's still a neat glimpse at the insides of the industry.
Rakuen Growlithe: The previously reported Hoan Kiem turtle has now been declared healthy and released.
Fred: Lost rainbow toad rediscovered after 87 years; first color photos made. [Wired]
Equivamp: Fox cubs have been spotted in Chanute, Kansas.
Equivamp: (I ought to add that foxes are rarely seen within tge city limits of Chanute.)
Rakuen Growlithe: Peter Singer on moral progress and animal rights.
Sonious: The Dealers Den at Furry Fiesta gets booked in 7 minutes (or less).
Ringtailed Fox: Australia's Nine Network goes shark-hunting, catches a duck instead (and don't worry: the duck is fine).
GreenReaper: Flayrah is now HTTPS-enabled. (You may need to install CAcert's certs.)
dronon: Rango released on DVD.
crossaffliction: I've already got my copy.
Higgs Raccoon: Desperate cosplayers? Woman steals Minnie Mouse and "furry animal" costumes from store.
Equivamp: Equiburp - pioneering bravely into the world of Anthropomorphic Drinking Games!
GreenReaper: Rambling is news now?
crossaffliction: OMG, I WILL EARN PULITZERS.
Higgs Raccoon: Washington, DC: One performance left: Squirrel, or The Origin of a Species. A two-man comedy-play in which Charles Darwin converses with an American Grey Squirrel.
GreenReaper: UK badgers win a reprieve in TB cull - but for how long?
GreenReaper: Rise Against's music video for Savior intermixes furry rental costumes with destructive band antics. [Kinght203]
GreenReaper: Spot the furry reference in xkcd. [ChatGarou]
GreenReaper: . . . the word seems to be popular these days. [Fenno]
Equivamp: I don't see what Hufflepuff has to do with yiffing. Maybe just the simple fact that so many "basement-dwelling" types seem to end up there?
GreenReaper: Hufflepuffs are "hard-working, friendly, loyal, and non-judgemental."
Equivamp: What any of that has to do with furry sex, I may never know.
GreenReaper: FNN has an interview of Jimmy Chin (aka Yippe Coyote) by Kijani.
GreenReaper: Flayrah is now syndicated on FurNation for logged-in users (click "Furry News").
GreenReaper: I tweaked our RSS feed to provide permanent URLs. This made old news look new. Apologies to anyone seeing double!
jasper-bear: The Earth Eternal website reopened July 21. The game is to be released in North America this summer.
Ringtailed Fox: These ain't the CBC's Bert, Ralph, and Melissa: Woman and her dog fend off a trio of raccoon thugs, all are unhurt.
GreenReaper: Barking isn't free speech if you're trying to annoy a police dog. [yuubi]
Ringtailed Fox: Paralyzed lion recieves outpouring of support.
GreenReaper: HTTPS cookies are now secure and HTTPS persists through login, logout and edits.
Higgs Raccoon: New ThunderCats series airs on July 29 on Cartoon Network.
Ringtailed Fox: Life imitating art: real-life Bambi and Thumper
Fred: The NYTimes reports new discoveries about snow leopards: they are more social than was believed and closer to tigers than to real leopards
GreenReaper: Observer writer Tim Adams notes the problems with pseudonymous comments.
Equivamp: Bah! "Mob mentality".
Rakuen Growlithe: You could perhaps make registration necessary to post comments. That can help clean stuff up and help prevent sockpuppeting. I don't mind registration to keep people accountable but I do have a problem with site's that want to remove anonymity completely.
Equivamp: True--4chan gets out of control. But I see nothing wrong with being identified as a pseudonym. "Equivamp" is far more my name than my legal name, and the majority of people I know only know me as "Kila". Does that mean I support mob mentality?
GreenReaper: No . . . but editing ED does.
Equivamp: Touche.
Equivamp: However, that wasn't the point of my mini-rant. X3
Ringtailed Fox: From Nintendo with love: Nintendo helps Japan earthquake victims.
GreenReaper: The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review says Anthrocon paid its convention center $115,000 this year; total non-art-related expenses may be closer to $250,000 based on last year.
Equivamp: I bet Pittsburgh sees dollar signs in the place of fursuiters.
GreenReaper: We're a dime to the NRA's dollar. Not many three-day events of this magnitude cost ~$60/head, but furries drive hard bargains.
GreenReaper: The Montreal Gazette calls Fanboy Confessional's furry coverage 'a portrait that’s both sensitive and objective'.
dronon: Lions, Tigers and Bears, Volume 3 is out, by Mike Bullock and Michael Metcalf.
Equivamp: Anonymous warns of "Operation PayPal" advising everyone to cancel their cards, or to not be "sorry after".
Equivamp: Update: AnonOps is now in the process of closing ~10,000 PayPal accounts.
Ringtailed Fox: Goldfish survive New Zealand Earthquake for 134 days!
GreenReaper: Penny Arcade's Tycho holds forth on a furry Tails. Apparently he's a big fan.
GreenReaper: Was Archaeopteryx the first bird? Scientists aren't so sure anymore.
GreenReaper: South Korea just came out with a glowing dog. A new entree? At US$3 million, it's a bit hard to swallow.
Higgs Raccoon: Vulture discusses Wilfred with fursuit-maker Kilcodo.
GreenReaper: Flayrah is now on Google News. Keep up the good work - the world is watching!
Fred: Wrong-way Antarctic penguin in New Zealand passes health test, can go home.
Higgs Raccoon: "6 Silly Sounding Jobs That Are Way Harder Than You Think": #4: Costumed Mascots
GreenReaper: A rescued fox thinks it's a dog.
GreenReaper: Switched to a direct jQuery link; Flayrah is faster now. PSS looks promising.
GreenReaper: Sinfest's savages have no love for furries.

August 2011

Fred: Wikipedia has revised its entry on the British Dickin Medal, awarded to animals for gallantry in wartime.
mwalimu: A discussion thread on F4L mentions an incident in California where three furs were shot while leaving the woods. Anyone know if this is true?
GreenReaper: Logged-in users can now see stats. Stories not getting enough hits? Link your friends!
Sonious: On the Penny Arcade Tycho thing, the whole Poker Night at the inventory thing makes more sense now...
Sonious: I think the people that claim 'nicknames' cause rage are truly mistaken. If the cause of hatred and bile were merely a result of namelessness people wouldn't go about committing violent crimes IRL. If someone is a jerk with a secondary name, they are probably going to be a jerk with their real one too.
GreenReaper: Ever read V? Masks don't create emotions such as rage, hatred or temptation - they free you to act on them without reprisal. (Conclusion: many people are repressed jerks.)
crossaffliction: Alan Moore is crazy. Only occasionally in a good way.
Rakuen Growlithe: An Australian business man had his dogs held hostage for AUS$300,000.
GreenReaper: Facebook's marketing director thinks Internet anonymity 'has to go away', reports the EFF (who also cite Penny Arcade).
Sonious: Inherit the Earth: Quest for the Orb programmer "Talin", currently employed by Google, exposed by Youtuber on having a pseudonym on Google+ @8:35.
Sonious: I think the thing about V though, is that the dictator didn't wear a mask, yet THEY acted their rage and hatred against their citizenry, the mask just made it so one man could return the favor.
Rakuen Growlithe: An Australian women has found a live rat in her loaf of bread.
Rakuen Growlithe: I've already stated I'm totally in support of anonymity on a forum post. Forcing people to use their real name just hides bad behaviour, it doesn't remove it. And even on Facebook it doesn't work, it just gets covered over.
crossaffliction: The Social Network seemed like the last movie to need a sequel, but I smell Oscar gold!
GreenReaper: Death by mohawk!
Ringtailed Fox: Humans love whale sounds, and apparently... this whale loves mariachi bands!
GreenReaper: Useful reading for contributors: Rules of the Road and What the Public Expects of Local News. I found both very relevant to Flayrah!
dronon: Apparently, there is a South Korean romantic comedy television series called My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox.
Fred: A critically endangered Sumatran tiger is relocated to a national park.
GreenReaper: Buy from our book selection below, and support Flayrah and furry authors!

September 2011

Higgs Raccoon: Gizmodo has a short piece on anthropomorphic taxidermist Walter Potter, with video of his collection as it was in the 1960s.
Higgs Raccoon: See anthro rabbits beating the snot out of each other in the Overgrowth preview video.
Fred: New "demon bat" species discovered in Vietnam.
Ringtailed Fox: Adorable: lab puppy loves his AC.
Rakuen Growlithe: Polar bear climbs onto a Norwegian ship.



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